The Best Bars in Notting Hill: The Italian Job

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Offering a unique selection of Italian craft beers, a seasonal food menu and mouth watering cocktails, The Italian Job pub in Nottinghill is pleased to open its doors this summer.

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Situated in the diverse heart of Nottinghill, this unassuming pub blends seamlessly into the surrounding terraced houses and boutique shops. The friendly atmosphere and individual charm make this one of the best-hidden gems around this summer.

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With their increasing popularity, it's not hard to find a bar with a selection of craft ales in London. It's therefore even more impressive that The Italian Job manages to provide an experience that feels fresh.

Founded by Giovanni Campari and Guiseppe Verdoni, The Italian Job was set up to bring the craftsmanship behind Italian food, beers and cocktails to the people of London. Sourced from some of the best micro-breweries in Italy, their collection of beers each brings its own distinctive flavour. Without an extensive history of beer to live up to, The Italian Job is free to experiment with new and exciting styles.

The Italian Job Pub bar

If beer isn't your thing then why not try out their range of specially curated cocktails. By employing the expertise of star mixologist, Lucca Corradini, The Italian Job is also an excellent place to get your hands on some refreshing summer cocktails. With a mix of classic and contemporary mixes, Luca's creations offer something a bit different from your typical cocktail bar.

The Italian Job pub cocktail

As if this wasn't enough already, The Italian Job also offers a menu of contemporary and authentic Italian food. Based on traditional Italian street food and regional delicacies that change on a seasonal basis, this is the perfect opportunity to grab something to eat whilst out.

The italian job pub food

Open to the public from 12th May 2017, The Italian Job pub is only a 5-minute walk from Ladbroke Grove tube station. So, if you're looking for a relaxing bar with a unique continental twist and great tasting drinks, then why not check out The Italian Job this summer.


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