How The Original Patty Men Shook Up Birmingham's Burger Scene

Birmingham's Original Patty Men|||||

The Original Patty Men have shaken things up in the West Midlands city of Birmingham. We sta down with them to talk all things meat.

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Burgers have always been a staple in our diet but finding a decent burger in Birmingham that wasn't churn and burn chain fodder, always proved to be tough. Unsatisfied with the drought, we set about trying to make something that was a bit special, something that felt naughty in your mouth! It couldn't be your average, overcooked patty, packed into a dry bap and topped with wilted lettuce. We wanted to make a top quality filthy burger that everyone could get properly stuck into. Both of us come from a design background and other than being food enthusiasts we had no history in the kitchen, so we had to start from scratch.

Original Patty Men burger

In our opinion the most important thing is the quality of your meat, it's the area you can't afford to scrimp on and consequently we spent a lot of time researching breeds, cuts and blends. We settled for a 35 day aged longhorn blend and we've not deviated from it since. We stick to a 70/30 mix (meat to fat ratio) ensuring our patties are super juicy as well as tasty, because for us fat is flavour! The second most important ingredient, when creating the perfect burger, is your bun. It's got to be soft yet able to handle everything you want to cram in it, like an Amsterdam hooker! After a lot of trials with our baker, we opted for a demi-brioche to add a bit of sweetness.

Original Patty Men Street Food

Spurred on by a combination of the burgeoning street food scene in London and the start up of Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham, we had no excuses! We cut our teeth at a friend's birthday where we caused a total blackout for the entire pub, but the burgers went down well and undeterred we decided to give it a shot.

Original Patty Men Burger
In the beginning it was total chaos but after the first few gigs we started to find our feet and smooth out the issues. We gained a bit of a cult following which i think was helped not only by the quality of the food but our approach to everything else. The simple branding, relaxed atmosphere and event posters with body builders and Jean Claude Van Damme added a bit of humour. That, coupled with a touch of novelty from our 'Big Verns Krispy Ring' burger (a doughnut with maple bacon, ketchup & mustard) started to get us the attention we needed to get the business started. It even got us a bit too much attention when Krispy Kreme got in touch to tell us to stop using their brand name for our burger which we imaginatively called the Krispy Kreme!

Original Patty Men Mandem

Since then things have just snowballed for us with regular street food events, pop-up restaurants and festivals. Towards the end of last year we made it through the regional heats to the Bristish Street Food finals in Leeds and won the 'Best Burger' award. Thats been amazing for us and as well as being the highlight of our year it gained us a lot of extra attention. As a result we were invited to Berlin for the 'Burgers and Hip Hop' event - one of the biggest street food events in the city which was brilliant and messy!

OPM Burger

Plans for this year include more pop-ups and some great colabs with Siren Brewery which we're really looking forward to. However, our biggest event to date has got be the invite from Jamie Oliver to take part in the 'Big Feastival', 30,000 hungry foodies is going to be a whole new ball game.

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