On Tour with Los Suruba

On Tour with Los Suruba

Delmar and Alvaro, A.K.A Los Suruba, have enjoyed a fast and steady rise to the top of the higher levels of the underground House scene since forming just after the millennium. Then, just over five years down the line, they formed their own label, Suruba Records and Suruba X. With a focus on covering as many styles within the House sound as possible, Los Suruba bring everything from darker dancefloor beats to groove-filled sun lounger selections.

Their latest release, a remix of Dear David’s ‘I’ve been waiting’, has attracted instant support from the biggest artists in the scene and they’ve not long returned from playing the mighty BPM Festival, Mexico. With this in mind, we thought we’d give you a glimpse into the touring world of this dynamic production duo.


What Do You Keep in Your Tour Bag?

D: iPhone charger, toothbrush, Spirulina pills, flying pillow, especially for long haul flights….

What Essentials Do You Need for Touring?

A: MacBook Air, Headphones Sennheiser HD25, Passport, Miles cards.

What's a Typical Day like for You When You're Touring?

D: We always have a nice breakfast

Both: (laughing) it`s important!

A: If we have time we will play some sport, basketball for me is my favorite

D: Again, if we have time we will visit the city where we are playing…

A:.. we always try the local beer!

What’s a Typical Day like for You When You’re Not Touring?

Both: BREAKFAST, of course haha.

A: We live in Ibiza, so it’s nice to go for a run

D:.. or a nice bike ride, we are lucky.

A: We speak with our management and agents everyday, so we will always call them, answer emails then after we work in the studio.

D: We will work on our labels too, Suruba/Suruba X

A: Its nice to relax when we get time so we like to watch a nice TV series, Delmar and me have started watching series in English now to help us with our English

D: My new phrase is “you´re freaking me out!”

Have You Had Any Touring Nightmares?

A: YES! Thankfully it is not often. We have missed flights, slept on bad beds, our Mac´s have even broken before!

D: For me the worst is customs as some countries, like Mexico you have to claim all your equipment and I get scared in case we forget something and they take it off us.

What Do You Listen to Whilst Travelling? 

A: New promos and demos for our labels, our new productions.

D: We also like to listen to other styles of music (downtempo, funk, rock, hiphop, indie…)

Do You Remember Your First Tour? What Happened / Where Did You Go?

A: It was at 2005, we were invited by Robert X to play at Moog in Barcelona, it was our first gig out of Madrid, we were super excited!

It was funny because we met our friend who was an air steward on the plane and we all drank free gin and tonics, there was a problem with the plane and it couldn´t land straight away, so we drank more gin and tonics..

When we eventually got to the club we were pretty drunk but it was good as it stopped us from feeling nervous and we played well. We secured a residency there. It was a great night and one we will remember always.

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