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We sat down with Italian tech house duo Neverdogs ahead of their gig at the first European BPM Festival, taking place in Portugal. Have a look at what the guys had to say below.

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Not many house duos can do it better than Italian natives Marco and Tommy, aka Neverdogs, are two of the country's finest tech house producers. In between playing regularly with Music On head honcho Marco Carola and amassing a name for themselves by creating tracks that make you want to groove, the boys are having one of their busiest summers to date.

We sat down with the producers to talk about Ibiza, Music On and summer. They also put together a mix for the The BPM Festival which The Idle Man has exclusive access to, 24 hours before everyone else. How good are we?

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The BPM Festival will take place in  Portimão & Lago in Portugal on September the 14th-17th. More information can be found on their website.

We've got exclusive access to Neverdogs mix for The BPM Festival before everyone else

When and how did you guys first meet?

Marco: We are from the same hometown Catanzaro, south of Italy. We’ve known each other a long time, back in the 90s. In 1999 we met at a festival in North of Italy in Rimini, we spoke and then decided to live together. Tommy was living in North Italy, I was in South and he already had opportunities in Florence. He said “why don’t you come live with me I have opportunities for us, I know people, have my apartment etc.”, so I moved to Florence and we did our first gigs together in the summer of 1999. In 2000 we started Neverdogs.

How did you get into the world of DJing?

For me, it was my Dad and my Uncle. My Dad was a DJ back in the 70s and when I was 13 or 14 my uncle taught me to play. He was a DJ and is still a DJ! I fell in love immediately with this job and it became my passion.

neverdogs young
Marco and Tommy formed Neverdogs in 2000
PHOTO CREDIT: Neverdogs Instagram

Who were your main influences that made you want to start producing your own music?

For me, 80s music was my main influence with bands like Depeche Mode etc. For Tommy it was music from England; The Sex Pistols and punk rock.

When you first started playing at clubs in your hometown of Catanzaro, did you think you’d ever get this big?

When we started we always wanted to get to where we are now. We didn’t do it as a hobby, we always had a big picture of this life and thought “we are going to do that”. We’ve always been this driven, since the start.

Do you ever get tired of touring or do you still get the same excitement from being on the road every week?

We still get excited because, in the beginning, we used to play the same scene. Now we go to so many places all over the world, we have so many friends everywhere. Every week is something special.

neverdogs live
Grit and determination has led Neverdogs to the level of success they have now

What’s the worst thing about touring?

Sleeping on the plane! You finish your gig and have to go straight to the airport and travelling is hard when you don’t sleep and are tired or have to sleep during the connection flight at the airport.

You’re playing Marco Carola’s Music On at Amnesia nearly every week, how did that come about?

We’ve played several gigs for Music On not only Amnesia, Ibiza but in many cities around the world like Miami, London, Barcelona, Dubai, NY, LA, Mexico, Naples so many! It’s wicked, we are proud of this because we have been with Music On from day one: literally from the launch of Music On in Miami in 2011 at the Winter Music Conference. Since then we have been part of the family and we are very happy for that.

Have you got any other big plans for the summer?

We have BPM Portugal, we have Electric Festival in Aruba - where we are now at the moment. Aruba is an island in the Caribbean. Next week we are playing Heart in Miami with Stacey Pullen - it’s their second birthday.

neverdogs club
The boys have a busy summer ahead of them
PHOTO CREDIT: Neverdogs Instagram

Are you excited to be playing at the new BPM and how do you think it will compare to the one in Mexico?

We are super excited, it may be in a different location but we think the vibe will be the same. The production will for sure be awesome like in Mexico.

You’ve put together an exclusive mix for BPM, tell us a little bit about the mix and the vibe you were trying to create with it?

As with every year, we put together a mix for The BPM Festival, the vibe for this one is happy rolling tech-house - we love to make people dance and we include tracks by artists who are our friends and producers we regularly collaborate with.

What can we expect from you music wise this year, any exciting EPs or collaborations coming up we should know about?

Yes, in September we are finally releasing a track we have been waiting for a year to come out. We actually played it for the first time at the last BPM in Mexico in Martina Beach Club. It will finally come out on the 25th September, the track is called Moliendo Cafè.

Who’s one artist you would absolutely love to work with?

There are so many! We would work with everybody.

neverdogs playing live in a club
It's going to be a big summer for the duo
PHOTO CREDIT: Neverdogs Instagram

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone looking to start producing and DJing?

Marco - I would say do it for the love of the music and not because you think it’s cool like a lot of people who become DJs. One day you will become famous, you get the benefit of travelling the world, meet new people and you have a better life because of so many things but the most important thing is the music, the passion and the love for this.

Finally, Ibiza or festivals: which do you prefer?

Tommy: Both AMAZING. Different vibe. Festivals have so many people, Ibiza is magic in a different way!

It's already been a successful year for Neverdogs and with a few months left of 2017, we can guarantee that things are only going to get bette for the duo. With dates all over the globe and a packed schedule, it's certainly going to be a busy finish for Neverdogs, and we can't wait to get involved.


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