A Guided Tour of Praslin, St Lucia With Poté

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We're crossing the Indian Ocean to the sunny town of St Lucia, with influential artist and lyrical poet Poté. 

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With his bass heavy beats and grimy UK influence, Poté could have easily blended in with the rest of the young and ambitious artists of today. However his Caribbean upbringing paired with his unique, poetic lyrics, authentic drums and focus on live performances has given his music a distinct edge that's taking the music world by storm. Inspired by everything from Caribbean underground nights to traditional electro-melodies, Poté's music has a sound unlike his musical counterparts.

Critically acclaimed and loved by the likes of Jamz Supernova, Monki and Annie Mac, Poté has reached out across the world, growing in success over the years and taking his tracks to a range of audiences. Set to perform at Bestival, and supporting Jones in her upcoming London show, Poté is just beginning his influential journey, and we're excited to see the progression of his tracks. In time for his latest concept EP, 'Over The Water', we caught up Poté to get a guided tour of his home town St Lucia, on the stunning island of Praslin.

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Where’s the best place for a first date? 

Mamiku gardens is a must for a first date. It’s absolutely stunning with great views and exotic birds. I remember being the ring bearer at a family wedding there, many years ago. Afterwards, get a boat to the islet, which is a little island just off the coast, to watch the sun set. No one lives there as it’s quite small and remote, so it’s really beautiful.

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It can get quite hot, so you definitely have to keep things as light as possible with knee-length camel-coloured shorts, a grey T-shirt and Converses.

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Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

Sitting on the rocks by the Labatwi, facing the sea. The Labatwi is a hill overseeing the beach and was used as a place to watch when enemy boats came into St.Lucia, when it was being fought over. The sea is a huge aspect of life in Praslin for me, especially as I spent many years fishing and going diving there with friends.

You can also swim to the islet from one of the sides, which I've done once with my brother and friends. My older brother got scared half way and thought we weren’t going to make it! These memories are a huge influence in my music, and they play a pivotal role in my upcoming ‘Over the Water EP’.

pote my city Labatwi

Where serves the best breakfast?

It’s very different from anything you would find in London. I’m sure my grandparents house would top it for me if there was any way, without a doubt! The best food you can get is with the locals. Would probably have something normal like scrambled eggs with coco tea, with some fresh bananas or mangos, which you can just pick up straight from the trees!

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

Walking along Praslin’s beach while the sun is setting. It’s a spectacle! The sound of the waves, the incredible sight and great weather together tops having a drink anywhere else in the world for me.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

You would have to head out into Castries to find somewhere that’s not a corner shop, in order to do good shopping. Castries’ Central Market is perfect for that as you can find an array of stuff, including great food. You’re also never far away from a coconut stand, in case you’re getting thirsty and need a moment to refresh.

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How would you describe your city’s style?

I feel it's quite free There’s no sense of feeling pressured to fit in from my experience. To me people don’t seem to care much about what others think of them, mainly because it’s a family town, where everybody knows each other.  

Clothing styles are quite colourful, but not necessarily heavily patterned. Wearing shorts is the norm, especially around mid-day because of the intense heat. It’s very rare to find someone walking around in jeans unless they’re heading out to the city.

What song sums up your city?

Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby.

I heard this record so much while growing up in Praslin, it was constantly on the radio and played by the elder generation in the village. It’s a very well respected track which always reminds me of walking back from my grandparents to where we lived near the beach. 


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