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Here at The Idle Man HQ we're getting pretty fed up with the sun and its indecisive hat on/hat off nature... what are you playing at, it's August, just keep your hat on? Anyway, despite the darker skies and drizzly spells, there is one thing keeping our summery spirits high in the anticipation for upcoming festivals and that's nostalgic dreampop band Paper Boats.

Paper Boats have been creating indie pop bliss for just two years, their romantic melodies and electro charm has won the five-piece from Surrey a once-in-a-lifetime slot on the #FestivalFirst Matua Wine stage at Bestival voted for by the public. We decided we needed to interview them ahead of their biggest gig so far...


Congratulations on your Bestival debut this year! How did this come about?

We entered a competition but didn't expect much from it. We then got an email letting us know that Rob Da Bank had personally selected us to be shortlisted for the online voting poll, which was amazing! Even more so that we actually ended up winning it.

You’ve played multiple festivals this year. What’s been your highlight of those performances?

Theres been many highlights; Tristan got extra sunburnt right before we played on the second main stage at Guilfest so he looked like a stage lobster. Also, Camp Bestival was really cool, many rainbow rhythms.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Weirdly, we almost always fantasise over all the faults that could happen during our set. Slipping over on stage, breaking strings, introducing ourselves as Paper Goats...

What’s in your rider?

We would love to tell you something ridiculous like; "we request a bowl of only red skittles soaked in tequila bought for us by our mexican fans" But we're quite simple when it comes to our rider, we're happy with getting a bottle of water and some alcoholic beverages!

What’s the one item of clothing you cannot live without and why?

Tristan: I have a thing for novelty socks, I'm wearing ones with bicycles on at the moment.

Grant: My two year old pair of all black Vans; they've got holes in them and the souls are worn right down, but I like them because you can pretty much wear them with anything.

Ellie: I can live without most of my clothes as I get bored of my wardrobe all the time... Does dry shampoo count?!

Rupert: I always wear a watch, so I know how far away the weekend is.

Jason: My batman socks

Had any weird inspirations for a song?

Grant: Definitely our next single "Wishing Well." For years I had this fascination with the Tom Cruise film "Vanilla Sky." The song is written from the perspective of Cruise's character who has to deal with an obsessive ex-girlfriend-turned-stalker who's still madly in love with him.

What’s your favourite food / drink?

Tristan: Scotch eggs, I make my own sometimes, cream soda is my favourite drink too.

Ellie: Steak and Milkshake for sure!

Grant: I'm a big fan of Enchiladas, oh and Vanilla Milkshake.

Jason: Nandos, I could quite literally eat a whole chicken.

Rupert: A good old traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings and a pint of Fullers HoneyDew to help wash it down!

Who would you most like to collaborate with past or present?

Grant: That's a tough a question, It would probably have to be between Rachel Goswell of Slowdive, Luthor Vandross and Kurt Feldman of Ice Choir. Three artists from different genres that have all had a big influence on me.

What got you to where you are today?

We've all been in bands since we were little, so when we all got together and started writing, everything clicked, we could bounce off each other, not literally... That would be weird.

Got any style icons?

Grant: That would have to be Will Smith in the The Fresh Prince and Kurt Cobain circa 1993 for sure.

Tristan: I have a man crush on Ryan Gosling, my love for denim grew stronger after seeing him in Drive.

What’s your worst fashion faux-pas?

Grant: My Kappa shell suit I purchased way back 1996.

Tristan: I occasionally wear double denim, loud and proud.

Rupert: I wear colours that don't match...

Ellie: I once wore white socks and black brogues and realised I looked a bit like Michael

Jason: I used to wear Bolt London jeans with 3 belts because I thought it was cool, it was wasn't it?

What can we expect from you over the next few months?

We are just in the process of signing a single release deal with a London label for our next single in October, watch this space.

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