Get into Music Event Management with Ministry of Sound

Get into Music Event Management with Ministry of Sound

We get the scoop on what it takes to get into music event management with Ministry of Sound Club Marketing Manager Verity Mayes.

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Club Marketing Manager at Ministry of Sound and one half of DJ duo Maze & Masters, Verity Mayes is to the music scene what Mary Berry is to baking. Bad analogy? Maybe, but basically she's a huge deal. She's been promoting events since she was 16 and has been in love with House ever since. From being a bar back to a DJ, Verity knows pretty much all there is to know about every aspect of the clubbing scene. 

We sat down with Verity to find out about how she got into the music industry and ended up working in event management for the industry's most iconic record label-cum-events powerhouse, picking up a few tips for you budding marketing moguls out there.

Upcoming Ministry of Sound events include Together with Sub Focus on 9th April and Groove Odyssey on 16th April. For full listings | Ministry of Sound

How did you first get into putting on your own events?

When I first met house it was a moonlight night, it was destined to be, it was love at first sight. I was 16, I immediately abandoned real life and started flyering, working the bar, being a lighting jock or DJing then went onto event management and promotion. Which sounds fun but now means I can’t go to a rave without analysing every single angle of it rather than just relaxing!

Ministry of sound nightlife
PHOTO CREDIT: Here and Now

Can you tell us a little about the team that work with you at Ministry?

There are about 180 people in the company, the venue, A&R, compilations, radio. We all work together in a cool office through a magic door off the 103. In our slice of heaven we call Club, we have the best team I have ever worked with, everyone absolute legends as well as being at the top of their game, from booking to promotion, venue management, tech, to the night staff and beyond.

Biggest challenge you come across when putting on your events?

Do it for love and the rest will follow. Clubbing has become formulaic, DJ + club = tickets sold, and the clubbers know, that’s why they are going to Berlin and festivals and saving themselves for special events. So put your heart and soul into it and create something that will go down in history.


Maze and Masters DJ Set
Verity also DJs as one half of Maze & Masters - PHOTO CREDIT: Maze and Masters

What advice would you have for someone looking to start a career in events?

If you have passion, anal-retention and an imagination, you can make beautiful things happen that will change peoples lives.

What event would you look to if you were to say “This is how you put on an event properly”?

I’ve just come back from TimeWarp in Mannheim, and they had really thought about every detail. From minimal queue times, great venue layout and incredible programming, to the little things that make the customer happy when they don’t need to such as refunds for drinks tickets and lockers that can fit more than a twig in.

ministry of sound club night
A typical night at Ministry of Sound - PHOTO CREDIT: Brixton Buzz

Your key elements to putting on a successful event?

If you can stand there at doors and answer yes to “have I done everything I could have to make this the best event it could be?” Then, if it's meant to be, it will be.

How does your career affect the way you dress?

It often leaves me unprepared for day to day situations, because people need sweaters and not oversized short jumpsuits in an office.

Where do you get style inspiration from?

London designers, Instagram wanderings, smoking areas.

Verity Mayes Portrait
PHOTO CREDIT: Ministry of Sound

What advice would you have for someone who is having difficulty developing their own style?

Just wear whatever you want and own it. No matter what it is, all you need is swag.

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