Fried Chicken Recipe From Mother Clucker: Men Make Dinner Day

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fried chicken from mother clucker
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Here at Idle HQ we have decided to give you something a little different. Other than Bonfire Night, the 5th of November is host to something else, Men Make Dinner Day. This day is purely dedicated to men making the dinner for their friends or partners, so it's time to put your apron on, cook up a storm in the kitchen and get your creative hats on because you'll want to cook to impress!

Men Make Dinner Day was started by Sandy Sharkey and she's been pushing men off of the sofa and into the kitchen to their partners' cries of joy. So lads, put down the beer and the remote and pick up a whisk, you never know, you may even like it!

We have teamed up with some of the best restaurants, food bloggers and chefs to create a fantastic e-Book filled with amazing recipes from mac and cheese to haute cuisine - so whether you're feeling fancy or like to keep it simple then there is a recipe in this book for you.

This gem of a recipe comes from Mother Clucker, a new venture for a couple of friends who just love chicken. Who can refuse fried chicken at the best of times? This recipe is surely to be a hit amongst everyone, and if it isn't, re-evaluate your friendship because this recipe is a winner in everyones eyes.

Check out the latest from Mother Clucker by following them on Twitter | Instagram and check out the rest of our Men Make Dinner Day Recipes here.

Fried Chicken

This is an instant classic that no-one can refuse, perfect for getting stuck in and forgetting the cutlery, you’ll be sure to have the napkins at the ready and a drop of water incase they get a touch too spicy for you.


  • Chicken breast (two packets from your local chicken emporium)
  • 500ml Buttermilk
  • 1 Bulb of Garlic
  • 2 Lemons, Zested and juiced
  • 2 Chillis
  • Rosemary (hand full of stalks)
  • Flat leaf parsley (handful)
  • 1kg Plain flour
  • 100g Paprika
  • 50g Salt
  • 50g Chilli powder/Cayenne powder
  • Rapeseed oil (2l for shallow fry / or fill your fryer)


Cut up or blend all of your veg for your marinade and slice your chicken breast into strips you should get 5 a breast minimum. Mix your chicken in with your marinade, cover and whack in the fridge. Ideally for an hour plus so it starts juicing up. Wash your hands and finely cut up the parsley.

Heat up your oil (175℃)  and start to mix all of your dry ingredients in a bowl to make your flour mix and set aside. Pour the buttermilk into a bowl and grab a handful of chicken and place in the flour mix cover in the mix and shake well. Drop into the buttermilk and cover all over and then drop back into the flour mix and cover again.

Slowly drop each strip of chicken into the fryer, be careful not to deep fry your finger (it’s easy). Cook for 3 and a half mins and remove from fryer and shake basket/turn chicken over in pan every now and again (75℃ and above for cooked if you use probe). Use your tongs (or hands if you really are a man) to remove your chicken. Step back and admire the beautiful chicken you’ve created.

Grab a plate, chuck it on and sprinkle with parsley so it looks pretty. Your girlfriend will be impressed with your attention to detail. Dip in your favourite hot sauce.


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