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London based group, Lazy Habits, have spoken to us here at The Idle Man and exclusively given us a list of their most influential London tracks to date in anticipation of their new album release on the 27th of May.

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Lazy Habits, a London based six-piece inspired by New Orleans soul, jazz and hip hop, have made their presence known in the UK with their hard hitting beats and slick lyrics about influential modern British culture and urban life.

In anticipation of their new album release, 'The Atrocity Exhibition' and their UK, European and Asian tour, kicking off with a London based show on May 24th, they have given us their top 10 most influential tracks that are straight outta' London. So, enough from us, over to Lazy Habits to give you the low down.

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The Atrocity Exhibition Album Cover
The Atrocity Exhibition Album Cover

1. Kano - This Is England

Kano is one of those heavyweights who's been there pretty much since the beginning of Hip hop in the UK. His output just gets better and This is England is probably his strongest work to date.. We love everything about this song, the album is great too.

2. Loyle Carner - Tierney Terrace

Stumbled upon Loyle Carner at the start of this year, and we're hoping to catch him live over the summer. This gets heavy rotation on the tour bus.

3. Swindle - Summer Fruits

One of those songs that gets put on the second the sun comes out, any time of year.

4. Nao - Bad Blood

Originally a member of The Boxettes, Nao has been releasing solo material for around a year now, amazing production, amazing voice.


5. Ghostpoet - Cash And Carry Me Home

Lyrically I love how down to earth this song is.  Everything about Ghostpoet's vibe is amazing and this tune just works so so well in so many situations.


6. Roots Manuva - Colossal Insight

A British classic that has a place in pretty much every playlist I make. This song makes me feel like I'm back home wherever I listen to it.


7. Onoe Caponoe - Side Effects of Star Controllin

High Focus Records are killing it at the moment, both live and on recording. Onoe Capono is vibes, for me shows a different side to Hip Hop in the UK.


8. Dead Players - Call Us Now

Dead Players , two albums deep into the project and Ghostown's beat on this is heavy as!


9. Reeps One & Dub FX - Stars

I've known and worked with Reeps for a while now and seeing him grow into a recording artist is an amazing process.  This song feels like the start of a new chapter for him and the hook is a killer.


10. Josh Whitehouse - Level Up

In my opinion, one of the best songwriters I have ever heard.  This is the first of his solo material. Rich in sound and instrumentation, its got me fully looking forward to festival season this year.



And there you have it, Lazy Habits London inspiration playlist. 'The Atrocity Exhibition' album is due to be released on the 27th of May, but you can catch them before then at their London show on the 25th of May.



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