Latmun Chats to The Idle Man

Latmun Chats to The Idle Man

Nottingham native Joe Bradley, aka Latmun, sat down with us to talk about Ibiza, summer and his new EPs. Take a look below to see why house music's youngest star is making waves in the industry.

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Besides being on Jamie Jones iconic Hot Creations label, selling out shows around the globe and playing in Ibiza nearly every week; Joe Bradley, or Latmun, is fast becoming one of the rising stars of house music. Starting out playing in small clubs around his hometown of Nottingham, Latmun soon moved out of the basements and into the limelight following the success of his 'Def' EP on Steve Lawler's iconic VIVa label.

Now, Latmun is already cementing himself as one of the best up and coming producers the UK has seen for a while. It's safe to say that we haven't seen the back of this insane producer just yet. We sat down with the Paradise and DO NOT SLEEP favourite to see what we could expect from him for the rest of the year. Take a look below as Latmun chats to The Idle Man.

mens street style latmun green velvet
Latmun is certainly making waves in the music scene
PHOTO CREDIT: Latmun's Instagram

First of all thanks for sitting down with us today, we understand you’re really busy at the moment!

No problem, I’m always happy to talk music!

How did you get into the world of DJing?

My entry into the DJ world was actually through my own inquisition of the art and a want to further the love for the music by sharing it with others. I used to do sound engineering at theatrical shows at my secondary school because it was something that interested me. It was also a way to get out of drama class haha! Learning to DJ was a combination of that interest with the passion for the music.

I bought my own pair of decks after saving all the money I did from a summer work placement. With lots of trial and error and some terrible sounding mixes I taught myself over the successive 6 months or so. But a statement that all DJ’s will agree with is that you still learn something every time you play, so I’m still learning!

latmun dj small gig
Although Latmun might have started playing small clubs, he's now a star
PHOTO CREDIT: Latmun's Instagram

When you first started playing at clubs in your hometown of Nottingham, did you think you’d ever get this known?

Of course not, I have just been so happy to be doing what I’m doing at every stage of the journey so far. When I was playing my very first warm up sets at Stealth to only a few people I was loving every minute just as much as I do now!

Gaining more fans and being able to share my music tastes and connect with a wider audience is truly amazing, but it was never an end goal. I have just been doing what I love and seeing where it took me. I like to think enthusiasm is infectious and the crowd can hopefully feel how excited I am when I’m behind the decks. I can assure you I am so this, in turn, creates good vibes in the room through other people feeling the same.

mens street style latmun forbidden forest
The ability to have everyone up and grooving is what makes Latmun such a huge success

Who were your main influences that made you want to start producing your own music?

Jamie Jones has been a massive influence from the start, not just the amazing music but the incredible work ethic and level headedness of an artist of his calibre, I still continue to hugely look up to Jamie. Marco Carola is another big influence. He is a DJ who is constantly keeping his sets really interesting, despite playing so frequently and for such long periods of time. That is not an easy skill! I like to think I draw influences from both, the bouncy uplifting vibes from Jamie coupled with weird sounds to keep you guessing, combined with the grooviness Carola brings which keeps you glued to the dance floor.

mens street style latmun playing live
With influences like Jamie Jones and Marco Carola, it's easy to see why Latmun has become so successful
PHOTO CREDIT: Latmun's Instagram

2016 was a huge year for you, having 3 incredibly successful EPs and getting into the Beatport Tech House Top 10, hows it all been?!

2016 was crazy. I never expected the EP’s to do so well! When they did it was so gratifying seeing so many people enjoying the tracks and making memories to them world wide, that is a thought that I really love – that people are associating my music with good memories.

2017 has gone on to be even crazier, as the after effects of those EP’s I guess. I have been lucky enough to be booked for many of my dream parties such as Paradise at DC-10 and given a residency at The Warehouse Project 2017, I cannot thank enough everyone who has supported my music!

You were also the best selling tech artist on Beatport over a period of 3 months, how did that feel?!

I couldn’t believe it to be honest, it was never an aim when I set out of course. It just made me really happy to see that my music was making others happy and bringing something to their lives.

mens street style latmun day of the dead
Latmun's energy is what has meant he has stood the test of time in the DJing world
PHOTO CREDIT: Latmun's Instagram

How does it feel playing regularly in Ibiza?

It's one of my favourite places ever so that’s the question answered in one line pretty much (laughs). I get just as excited every time I come and there is so much to discover here. I’m still finding new viewpoints, restaurants and things to see and making new friends every time I visit. Each time I come the experience is different the last and just as fulfilling.

You’re playing at DO NOT SLEEP’s Cuckoo Land at Ibiza Rocks nearly every week, how did that come about?

It started off as a handful of dates and then they decided to make me their primary resident and make that number up to a total of 11 dates which I feel incredibly privileged to have been given!

How was it playing on the terrace at DC-10 for Jamie Jones’ Paradise party?

It was a very surreal moment, standing in that booth looking out to a packed terrace was something I would dream about when napping on the plane haha. So when I was stood there and it was a reality, I was probably the most excited man in Ibiza for that 2-hour set! Everything about that room and the vibe it creates is as good as it gets, so it was amazing to experience that and play music and create memories with people there; as I have so many of my own from crazy nights on that dance floor.

Latmun @ DC10 for Paradise

It really was a dream come true to play the DC10 Terrace last week for Paradise Official <3

Have you got any other big plans for the summer?

I’m doing another 2 dates at Paradise which I am very excited for, I’m doing a Do Not Sleep date at Sankey’s in August and of course plenty more Cuckooland dates!

Another thing that I’m very excited to announce is my Warehouse Project residency which I mentioned above, to share a bit more with you that means that I’m playing three dates there, their opening party, Paradise and also the Boxing Day event. You can also catch me at Creamfields in the UK and plenty of other dates which can be found on my Facebook page.

What can we expect from you music wise this year, any exciting EPs or collaborations coming up we should know about?

I have a number of EP’s which I’m really excited to be getting out there as they have been sat waiting patiently on my hard drive for a long time now! I have a release coming on Repopulate Mars on August the 4th titled Groove Tool – which is just that, a groovy high energy tool for your DJ sets or to party to, it's coupled with a B side called Funk Off.

I also have an EP on the mighty Hot Creations coming at the start of October, I can’t give away too much about that one yet other than Jamie is playing it a lot so keep an ear out in his sets and see if you can guess which is mine!

mens street style latmun blue parrot club
Latmun is certainly shaping up to have a big 2017
PHOTO CREDIT: Latmun's Instagram

Who’s one artist you would absolutely love to work with?

I would love to get in the studio with Jamie, he has had so many years of collecting influences every idea that comes out in the studio is always going to be something special. He is also such a great guy to sit down with I know it would be a fun session!

Finally, what’s one piece of advice you’d give someone looking to start producing and DJing?

Start the producing as early as possible, there are so many DJ’s out there these days that you need to bring something really unique in order to be heard. Finding a sound takes time and isn’t something you should rush.

Also, don’t copy other artists, it's something that really dilutes the scene and it's tiresome looking for new music and going through 100 tracks that all sound really similar, so if you do that your chances of being heard are greatly reduced. It's fine to take influences from other music, that’s how some of the best music is made, but there is a difference between copying and taking influence from!

latmun in the studio
This is where Latmun made those highly popular EPs

You can see why Joe is such a hit within the house music industry. Not only is he grateful for everything that he has achieved so far, but he's so down to earth it doesn't seem to faze him. We already know that Latmun is sure to be one of Ibiza's most known names and when you've got support from Jamie Jones, Skream, Steve Lawler, Solardo and Richy Ahmed it's hard to think otherwise. We just can't wait to see what's in store for Latmun this year.


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