Last Minute Holiday Destinations

Last Minute Holiday Destinations

Beach bods, mates and beers in the city or by the sea, a last minute holiday is just what the doctor ordered.

From those yearly classics to somewhere unknown, last minute holidays are the saviour to every summer. Buying a plane ticket and jetting off to somewhere you’ve never been before with your best pals is one of the greatest feelings. Whether it’s a city break you’re after or a few days on the beach somewhere, we have found a few destinations that will give you some ideas on where you might want to visit.

  1. Amalfi Coast – Italy

Situated at the ankle of Italy, the beautiful Almalfi Coat has recently become a popular destination. A celebrity hotspot during the summer, it still remains stunning, authentic and true to Italian culture amongst its cities built in the mountains and hills surrounding the area. The whole of the Amalfi is exploding in colour from the sparkling blue sea to the fruitful lemon trees and multi-coloured houses which have become the face of the hills. Experiencing the scenery of the coastal region can be most appreciated when seeing if from the sea.

Photo credit: Amalfi Coast

  1. Antibes – France

You don’t need to be a millionaire to experience Antibes along the French Rivera, you too can enjoy fine dining in France. Located between Nice and Cannes you can look out to sea and see the superyachts coming into moore at the old town in Port Vauban. The historic city is wrapped in an old stone wall separating it from the rest of the region. You'll be able to find lots of things to get up to including visiting the Chateau Grimaldi. The Chateau was famous for being where Pablo Picasso turned it into his own personal art studio where he left behind many paintings and drawings. The famous artist's studio is now a museum housing 245 of Picasso's paintings and sculptures and is also home to many other artists’ works.

Photo credit: The Culture Trip

  1. Copenhagen – Denmark

The city is not only full of history is also a great place for liberal and forwarding thinking tourists who can appreciate the cities priorities of clean and green spaces. The city would be ideal for a group of friends who just want a few days to chill out, have a few drinks and leave work at home. Another colourful city which you can explore and float down the canals for a different view. The uniform Danish architecture is a wonder of its own, only differing by the colour you can see why the country just works.

Photo credit: Lonely Planet

  1. Amsterdam – Netherlands

The classic when it comes to a last minute holiday, but nevertheless it should still be on the list as there’s a reason it’s on everyone’s list, and it’s more than just the café culture. The history in the museums, the idyllic canals and it being home to Heineken beer are just a few more reasons to go and visit the city. Smaller than London you can easily explore the area on foot or by bike, a popular mode of transport here. Although it can be a surprisingly expensive place to visit it’s worth it for the history, including the opportunity to see where Anne Frank lived.

Photo credit: St Christophers Inns

  1. Antipaxos - Greece

You can never go wrong with Greece, it’s hot with stunning sea views. Easily a great place to chose as it can be cheap to go and stay out there. Antipaxos is a small Greek island famous for its wine and sandy beaches, a great destination to hit for a little privacy on your last minute getaway as you would need to get there by boat. Possibly an opportunity for some sailing around the island if you’re up for the adventure, it’s the perfect romantic escape with your loved one to really enjoy some alone time away from the rest of the world.

Photo credit: At Corfu

  1. Lake Bled – Slovenia

In central Europe, Lake Bled in Slovenia is a magical destination that has remained mostly untouched with limited things you can do in the surrounding areas, but you won’t need to go elsewhere when you’ve locked eyes on the lake and the church that sits on the island in the middle of it. However, if you do fancy taking a hike then you can head to the Vingtar Gorge, the hour trek is worth it when you arrive at the natural gorge which weaves its way through the caves. A path has been made along the side of the cave, leading you round in a circle passing flowing water and many waterfalls.

Photo credit: Earth Trekkers

  1. Budva – Montenegro

A town next to the Adriatic Sea that specialises in beaches and nightlife, two sought after requirements when it comes to a holiday with your mates. A secret seaside destination that not many people give enough credit to. The scenery of the small town resembles it’s more popular neighbouring country, Croatia, but it does have its differences. Whilst visiting you’ll want to go to Sveti Stefan, unknown to many but to the few that have heard of this rare geographical formed island always love it. It's wrapped in pink sand, one for the lady in your life.

Photo credit: TUI

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