KlangKuenstler Talks to The Idle Man

KlangKuenstler interview track beatport|klangkuenstler interview||KlangKuenstler interview track beatport

His name translates as something like 'sound artist' and it seems pretty spot on. We thought it was about time we got to know KlangKuenstler a little better. 

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When someone this young is making such a huge impact you have to pay attention and it's clear with 'Jam Master Jack' hanging around the Beatport top 100 for a few weeks now that KlangKuenstler's on to something! Based in Berlin you'll find him playing across Germany most weekends but he's been booked everywhere from London to Bangkok.

If you're familiar with KlangKuenstler you'll know he's been producing some banging tech house for quite some time now. It's always good to get to know your favourite producer a little better and of course, find out some of his favourite tracks while we're at it.

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First off, 2016, how’s it been so far? Any major highlights?

It has been a great year so far, in February I released a single called Jam Master Jack on Smiley Fingers and this went on No1 Beatport Tech House, No2 overall. This all happened while I played a little Asia tour, I had great weather all day and some lovely people around me, so it couldn't have been better.

Since you started how has your sound developed in that time?

It's developed and changed a lot. A few years ago I used to do very melodic music, very often with vocals, but over time I got interested in more groove oriented, basementy, pumping Tech House and House.

Which releases you've got coming up excite you the most?

Actually the ones I was most excited on just came out! A single track on Suara, which still doing well in the Beatport Tech House charts and a EP on Simma Black, the label from Low Steppa, where I got some great feedback from Laurent Garnier, which means sooo much to me! 

I have some new stuff finished already, which I would be really excited to release, but so long as the contracts aren't signed, I shouldn't talk about that!

KlangKuenstler interview track beatport

It’s a big year for house albums – which are you most excited about?

I think Marek Hemmann, it's actually not what I would play, but I like his own style he created over the years. 

Where can we catch you playing this year?

Mostly in Europe right now, next gigs will be Berlin, Ulm, Lucerne, Munich, Hannover, Bern.

You’ve had the privilege of playing all over the World. Where has the best House scene for you?

I think it is not possible to rate a whole country or city for the best scene. It really depends on the club, on the crowd and of course if your music fits to them, everything has to come together of course. But I can say that I had a amazing party in London at Egg a few weeks ago, mostly gigs in Berlin are also very special and I also had a really good parties in Bangkok and Singapore.

Three tunes everyone needs in their playlist at the moment?

Dub Like This - Riva Starr [Snatch!]

Room 2 - Wade & Jay Lumen [Relief]

Back To Old School - Klangkuenstler [Suara]


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