Kingston, Jamaica City Guide with Producer & DJ Cadenza


West London-based producer and DJ, Cadenza, has been making waves over the past few years with his bass-heavy productions that fuse lashings of reggae with elements of hip-hop and soul.

Having started out on Fruity Loops at the ripe age of 13, Cadenza has since honed his production skills at the leading Geejam Studios in Jamaica. With support from a slew of notable DJs, as well as collaborations with the likes of Stylo G, Kiko Bun and more, plus an American and Europe tour with Major Lazer under his belt, there's plenty of signs that the future will be a bright one for the 25-year-old.

Now back on UK soil after a recording trip to Jamaica, we had a quick chat with him to get the lowdown on the best spots on the island to eat, party and relax.

Cadenza's next single 'Foundation' ft. Stylo G & Busy Signal is now available for pre-order.

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Where to stay?

If you are in Jamaica and you want to relax, but also have the option to get in the studio then Geejam is the spot. It's totally hidden away and the surrounding area is full of some of the best hidden gems that you should check out.


Photo Credit: The NY Times
Photo Credit: The NY Times


Best venue if you want a big night out and to hear the best music?

If you want to experience a typical Jamaican dance then you need to check Wedi Wedi in Kingston. It's a weekly party hosted by Stone Love and it's been running for 43 years. You will hear everything from Vybz Kartel to Ed Sheeran and it will all make total sense.


Best restaurant to try the local cuisine?

This is gonna sound weird but Island Grill is basically Jamaica’s attempt at trying to make home cooked Jamaican food but in a fast food setting, but it's actually really good. If you’re looking to grab a festival and quick soup then this is the spot.


Photo Credit: Muck Fogley
Photo Credit: Muck Fogley


A hidden gem that not a lot of people know about?

Blue Lagoon in Portland is a 200 ft secluded little bay. The vast depth of the lagoon gives the water this amazing colour and its a mix of salt and fresh water so it's really refreshing to swim in.


Photo Credit: My Photo Dump
Photo Credit: My Photo Dump


Where to go, clear your head and find inspiration?

Frenchman’s Cove.


Photo Credit: Tropical Tours JA
Photo Credit: Tropical Tours JA


Best place to get cultured?

It's pretty much all around you 24/7 in Jamaica, so just keep your eyes open!


Photo Credit: Cadenza
Photo Credit: Cadenza


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