Kieran Bird Talks To The Idle Man

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We met Kieran Bird, a 21-year old who is in remission after completing his treatment for a brain tumour. Thanks to the charity Starlight, Kieran was able to fulfil an ambition to see the ins and outs of a photoshoot, and The Idle Man helped him to achieve this.

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Buckinghamshire-based Kieran Bird was diagnosed with optic glioma in 2010. Optic glioma is a type of tumour that starts in the brain. It is an extremely rare type of cancer and its cause is still unknown. Luckily for Kieran he completed his treatment last year and is now in remission.

Kieran, a gymnast coach, contacted Starlight Children's Foundation which aims to provide children with serious or terminal illnesses with the chance to fulfil a lifetime wish. Kieran has always taken a keen interest in fashion and decided to get in touch with the team and fulfil his desire to be a part of a fashion photoshoot.

This is where The Idle Man came into play. Starlight got in touch with us and we decided to let Kieran experience one of our shoots,  day at the office and a behind the scenes look at how the company runs. Kieran took part by becoming a photographer for the afternoon, acting as a stylist by choosing the complete looks that were shot and modelling the clothes himself. Read on for our interview with the young man and check out some of the images from the shoot we did with Kieran.

zak billy kieran
Zak, Billy and Kieran wearing The North Face jackets


What’s your daily routine like?

Tiring. My week kind of starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Saturday night. I coach gymnastics, so I coach on Tuesday, then Wednesday I’m in school, then pre-school Thursday…it’s kind of weird as you coach different ages all the time.

It starts at the age of two and goes to fourteen. So I could be teaching a pre-school group and then be teaching a county boys group. Pre-school are just learning basics, whereas with a county boys group you need to train them for competitions and make sure they’re at their peak performance before they compete. That’s what’s stressful about being a coach.

What were you most looking forward to about the shoot today?

I wanted to see how the fashion business works and to see how it moves from the start of a shoot to the end product that a customer sees. This is my first experience of it, but I’ve always been interested in it all.

What aspect of the photoshoot process do you like the most?

I’m really interested in all of it. I like how it all blends into one.

zak billy kieran outside the north face jackets mens
Zak, Billy and Kieran wearing wood Wood and The North Face


Does fashion week take your interest?

I’ve always followed it. But I find it quite hard to take note of everything. You have one show, but then you have twenty others.

Do you have any favourite designers?

It varies – I really like Topman and they’re definitely one of my favourites with regards to the high street. I also really like All Saints, their clothes are really great.

If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be?

I’d probably say Gucci, if I got the choice.

How would you describe your own dress sense?

I don’t tend to follow trends, but I like to catch them before they are worn by everyone. I also like to put my own twist on a trend.

wood wood hoodie carhartt mens
Zak and Kieran wearing Wood Wood and Carhartt


Is there a famous person whose style you really like?

I don’t think I have one in particular, but I do like the way G-Eazy dresses.

Would you ever want to get into women’s fashion?

I don’t take much notice of it, but I do notice that there is so much more variety. I like how men’s fashion is becoming bigger – how the bomber jacket was once on trend, now not so much. Then there’s the whole roadman outfit that’s become a thing.

pink clothes men hoodie shirt t shirt
Kieran, Zak and Billy wearing pink


Do you take an active interest in streetwear brands like Supreme and Palace?

Probably a little bit, but I think there’s a big argument surrounding Supreme. It’s a culture vulture so to speak, creating more hypebeasts. They do really good clothes - they’re just simple and basic, which is what appeals. It’s like the Yeezy trainers though, there’s so much hype about them, but then at the same time you realise they’re just a pair of trainers.

kieran biker outfit mens
Kieran wearing a black zip bomber jacket


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