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Ahead of Jozef K’s appearance at Gottwood Festival and announcement of his new collaboration EP, Fates Unknown, set to be released mid June on Acid Test, Jozef K shares with us his on road experiences, favourite tunes and sound progression.

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From an early age Jozef K was one to watch! Being on the DJ scene since he was 19, Jozef K started his career at Sankeys Manchester, securing a permanent position by 20, and is now one of the main DJs at Tribal Sessions in London, Manchester and Ibiza. Quickly gaining DJ support from international producers, Jozef K teamed up with producer Winter Son, forming an undeniable synergy that has allowed them to craft their emotive, high-energy dope beats that amalgamate UK rave, Chicago rave and techno.

Jozef K is dropping a new EP, Fate Unknown, on the 20th of June through Absurd/Acid Test joining the likes of Recondite and John Frusciante (of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers). The three track EP is a collaboration with Tin Man and Winter Son that presents a emotional tone that expands Jozef K's electronic repertoire. For this EP, the team has also collaborated with Interdimensional Transmissions expert, Erika, to remix the title track.

If you love Jozef K's sound then you definitely need to try and get your hands on a ticket to this year's sellout edition of Gottwood. 2016’s mystical, electronic woods party is being held on the 9th – 12th of June, with a line up contrived of the underground elite, including the likes of Ben UFO,  Joy Orbison, John Talabot, Prosumer and Move D along side Jozef K. This underground electronic music and arts festival has a reputation for creating an intimate dance wonderland that this year's all encompassing line up will definitely deliver.

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Jozef K
Fates Unknown |PHOTO CREDIT: Resident Advisor

What’s in your DJ bag?

USB sticks, ear plugs, headphones, cigarettes, I'm not a full time smoker but I like to have some with me when I’m spinning.

What can’t you be without when you’re touring?

Access to music, I get agitated without it after a while.

What music are you listening to before you hit the decks to get inspired?

Depends, sometimes I like to prepare my set on Rekordbox right to the last minute before I need to leave the hotel so I can be straight in the zone at the club. Other days, if I have been super organized and prepared in advance I like to listen something calming or totally the opposite of what I am going to be playing later, I’ve had some fun listening to Beethoven symphonies whilst getting ready.

I don’t know why really but it has become a tradition or ‘superstition' that I usually listen to 'Nas - Mastermind’ as the last track before leaving. This track always help puts my mind in the zone, I love the bassline on it and the lyrics are a little cheesy but I guess they focus me too, more than I like to admit!

Best in-flight snack?

I always strangely like when Air Berlin give you a free sandwich on their flights, it makes me happy how they still do it even if the flight time is super short! Just that little act of kindness can really put you in a great mood, once I considered an Air Berlin tattoo because of this, slightly for a joke of course. Air Berlin is just a dope airline in general.

Best film for a long haul flight?

I saw ‘The Big Short’ recently were Christian Bale plays some econimics ultra nerd oddball who predicted the US housing meltdown and made billions. That was pretty dope!

Do you manage to sleep on a long flight?

No never! I always think I have been a sleep for ages, look at the time and it has been like 10 minutes, it always pisses me off lol.

Best thing about touring?

I love getting off the plane in a new country and thinking, ‘wow, someone paid me to fly here so I can do the thing I love’. I remember realising this the first time I played New York a while ago, I was pretty ecstatic just walking down the middle of the street!

Worse thing about touring? Not getting any...?

Yeah not getting any… sleep! I am a bad sleeper, and couple that in with a new time zone, no sleep on the flight and partying in the new time zone = not a lot of sleep. It took me three weeks to stop being jet lagged from my last tour of China, but I was pretty stupid out there to be fair so I can’t complain.

What’s a typical day like for you when you’re touring?

That’s kind of hard to answer as every day is completely different.

What's your routine when you get back home?

Get back in the gym, sweat out all the toxins and then binge watch a TV programme with my man Fazzy Fresh.

You have a residency with Tribal Sessions at Sankeys Ibiza this summer, how is that going for you?

Absolutely awesome! Every show has been mega busy and the soundsystem in there is ridiculous, the only bad thing is finishing playing. I want to play all night in there. Like actually!

Who’s the biggest character you’ve met on tour?

Will A, a promoter based in Shanghai, he is such a bad influence, we always end up doing something stupid. One example is at the end of the night at like 8am we dove into the sea, fully naked and fully smashed, I did the worst dive ever too, completely whiteyed it, there is a video of it online somewhere.

You’ve been making tracks since you were 20 and are now 27. How have you found your sound has changed in that time?

Got a lot better!!! I am not proud at all of my first records, now the music I am making with my production partner, Winter Son, is exactly the shit I have wanted to be making since I first went to study sound at university.


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