Inside Supreme: A Collector's Perspective with Warren Jones

Inside Supreme: A Collector's Perspective with Warren Jones

In the lead up to my personal collection being sold on The Idle Man, I speak to some of the most prolific Supreme collectors around the world for a series of interviews. Today is the turn of Leeds based coffee shop owner Warren Jones.

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Name:  Warren Jones
Location: Leeds, U.K.
Occupation: Coffee enthusiast
Instagram handle: @jwarrenjones

When did you first hear about Supreme and what first got you interested in the brand?

We were lucky enough to have a great streetwear scene in Leeds in the late 90s early 2000s. Hip used to sell Supreme and it was the guys working in there that I first saw wearing it. Then the rare trips down to London would take me to The Hideout who also always had an awesome selection. In terms of what drew me to it I guess the simplicity and quality was the big thing. They also seemed to frequently reference things I was into. Hip Hop, Jazz, basketball etc. It just stood out.

warren jones insta collage
As you can see, Warren is one of Supreme's biggest fans
PHOTO CREDIT: Warren Jones' Instagram

Did you consciously start collecting Supreme or did you just find yourself with a large amount of stuff?

Yeh definitely not conscious. I don’t consider myself a collector as such. I just buy the things I like.

What is it about the brand you like so much?

I just think they have consistently produced great quality wearable clothing. The graphics and vibe are always on point too. I definitely don’t buy it because it’s rare or collectable.

If you like a certain product do you sometimes buy multiple colour variations?

Well, I used to. That’s kind of hard these days. It’s getting harder and harder to get. But yeh that’s absolutely something I would do.

#tbt 📷 @markwhitfield

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What lengths have you gone to acquire a certain product from Supreme?

Well, I’m lucky enough not to have to be one of those guys who used to sleep in the street to get access to the store. I guess it would be more about occasionally paying a lot of money for an item I missed that would qualify as going to some crazy lengths to acquire a piece!

How have you sourced the majority of your collection?

Mostly from the London store.

Packed and ready ✈️🇺🇸 #hypeaf

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What are some favourite picks from your collection?

I’m a big fan of the collaborations. The quilted leather Nike Blazer from 2006 is a special piece. I've also got the black/cement Dunk Low SB. A classic. All of The North Face stuff is awesome. I also love the 2014 Stone Island collab. I got the camo Raso Gammato. That’s feasibly one of the best quality items I own. Beautiful. Obviously, the simple box logo hoody is an obvious choice. Grey with the red box is my go to. I mean there’s kind of too many to mention really. Could go on forever.

What are your thoughts on "Instagram collectors" who seem to flip their grails a week later?

I don’t have anything to say about that really. It’s not something I can comment on because I don’t really understand it. It seems a little pointless. But I don’t want to say anything negative because that’s just how the kids are doing things these days so fair enough. I mean I love Instagram and obviously I post my latest pick ups and outfits all the time. So can’t be critical of that sort of behaviour!

If you could go back in time to any era of Supreme in the past 23 years what would you pick up to add to your collection?

I remember buying the duck camo TNF pullover from Hideout over the phone and it coming and me thinking maybe it was a bit small and just sending it back to them. Can you imagine?! I’d like to go back to that day and keep it!

Then maybe to be there on the opening day of the shop in 1994. That would be pretty amazing. To be there as it all started. Just grab an OG tee and feel the vibe of the place.

What do you think of my decision to exhibit and sell off a large portion of my personal collection on The Idle Man?

I guess you get to the point where you have so much stuff that you can’t justify having it anymore! You grow up and have real stuff you might want to spend your money on. More tangible. Holidays with the family. Stuff for your house etc. I’m sure there must be some element of that to it. I also know you’ll be keeping the best stuff for yourself. So it’s not all going!

I love the concept of the exhibition though. That’s amazing. I can’t wait to come down to London and see all the amazing pieces in your collection. See you on the 1st Feb!

Even I realise how ridiculous this is.. 🥊 #hypeaf

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Ross Wilson’s Supreme Archive will be available to purchase exclusively on The Idle Man from Thursday 1st February 2018. To access the sale please register your interest at the link below.

An exhibition of collection highlights will be open for public viewing at The Idle Man, 97 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TS on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd February. Admission is free and will be open from 11am - 7pm.


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