Idle Mix Series 004 - Babylon Crooks

Idle Mix Series 004 - Babylon Crooks

As we hit our fourth instalment of the Idle Mix series, we invite a largely unknown duo to take control of the dials. Babylon Crooks are all about delivering the deeper and more experimental tones of the Techno sound. This Italian pairing infuse their backgrounds in classical piano, prog-rock, disco and new wave to create totally unique sounds with the intricate detail you'd expect from a classically trained musician, something that couldn't be more apparent than in their latest release on Bade Records.

What they've delivered for us here is an hour of progressively energetic and consistently deep tracks to kick start any party. Perfect for your morning commute, late night sessions and alone down-time, this is another mix we're sure will be suiting the many moods you find yourself in over the coming month.

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