The Idle Man Recommends: JR


No doubt whenever you think of street art the first name that comes to mind is Banksy, but after years of seeing his lacklustre efforts printed on everything from greetings cards to babygrows, we’re well and truly bored of him. So with that in mind we’d like to draw your attention to an extremely talented Parisian artist and photographer who goes by the name of JR.

Known principally for his application of gigantic monochrome portraits in urban locations, JR has always taken full advantage of his surroundings. From a young age he started blowing up his photographs and flyposting them on buildings, bridges and rooftops around Paris.

Over the last decade he’s travelled around the world to countless precarious locations with a key objective of evoking freedom and identity within ostracised communities, and to give the marginalised a much-needed voice through his large-scale murals.

In particular the Face2Face project, which ended up being one of the largest unauthorised photography exhibitions ever, stands out as a firm favourite of ours. With help from his friend Marco, they pasted large-scale portraits of Israelis and Palestinians working in the same jobs, on either side of the Separation barrier to highlight the reality that despite their boundaries they’re similar enough to understand one another.

That’s enough blabbering from us, so we'll leave you with a selection of some of our favourite work from JR.

For more of JR's work check his website here

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