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With House Of Vans London kicking off this weekend, we thought we’d get into the spirit of things and have a chinwag with East London-based vintage Vans vendors and all round canvas footwear aficionados, The Other Side Of Pillow. Topics ranged from their favorite pair of Vans of all time to Vans appearances in movies, as well as what they’re most looking forward to at House Of Vans, among many other Vans related things.

Make sure you check out The Other Side Of The Pillow's social media links after the jump because these guys know more about Vans footwear than David Dickinson knows about fake tan.

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Vans World's Number One Skateboard Shoes
1) All-time favorite pair of Vans?

2-tone blue/red/blue style #95 (later named era). 1 of the 1st skate specific shoes & the model which started it all for vans in the core skate/bmx realm.


Vans Era blue red blue
2) All-time favorite moment during Vans’ history?

Not an official part of their history but was historic for me - When Steve Van Doren (son of founder) walked through the doors of my shop!

3) All-time favorite Vans rider (BMX/Skate/Snowboard)

Steve caballero.


Vans Steve Caballero
4) A fact about Vans which not many people know.

From day 1 in 1966 the option was made available to customers to provide their own material for one-off custom shoes. Anything from the kitchen curtains to a leather jacket!

5) What’s it you love so much about Vans?

The brand is so tightly bound with subcultures of Southern Californian skate, bmx, punk rock, surf etc which will always resonate deep for me. Beyond that it’s the handcrafted quality of their early product & the family values at their core

6) All-time favorite Vans appearance in a movie?

Without a doubt must be “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” whereby Jeff Spicoli lungs a bowl of weed & proceeds to bash himself round the head with checkerboard slip-ons!


Vans Fast Times At Ridgemont High
7) What are you most looking forward to at House Of Vans?

The establishment of a European base for Vans lovers & the opportunities it will afford myself & others to skate, create and share the passion for the brand.

8) What would you like to see from Vans in the future?

A return to the glory days of vulcanization & the quality, comfort & longevity of the footwear from the handmade era


Vans Off The Wall
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