Ibiza Island Guide with DJ & Producer Andrea Oliva


This week sees our 'My City' series continue with the biggest name we've had featured on the series so far - DJ and producer Andrea Oliva. Andrea enjoyed quite a year in 2014 as he continued his residency at one of the most renowned parties on Ibiza, ANTS, and enjoyed a number of highly successful releases. It looks as though 2015 is going to be his biggest yet, though, as he has already confirmed a full album on the legendary Objektivity.

Seeing as it's Ibiza that has really shaped his career, and it's an island that has fallen head-over-heels in love with him and his music, we thought it was only right that he gave us an exclusive insight into the Ibiza he knows and loves. We're heading to The Island early to find some hidden gems.

Andrea Oliva

My first time in Ibiza was for a gig at Space, I think it was around 2005. It so happened that as soon as I got to the island, I had to head straight to Space! At the time it was an after-hours spot, and it was amazing. When I got there, I instantly had this feeling of being free that I’d heard Ibiza was famous for. There were people dancing everywhere; outside, on the terraces, everywhere. The whole place felt completely carefree, I was in heaven! At that time there were still a lot of day parties happening in Ibiza. Between the open-air and beach parties, the vibes were incredible.

I had an overwhelming feeling that I was free. Something about Ibiza made me instantly see how special it was, and still is. I also had this feeling that it should remain the way it is, in that moment. There was no need for high rises and big shopping centre developments… it was just perfect.

If I have some time off or a day to myself, the first thing I do is visit a coffee shop or café. Passion is a fantastic place to be when starting your day, so that’s where I usually go. They are amazing juice bars that are dotted about the island and are becoming really well known for their power to cure the deepest hangovers! A lot of the time it’s where friends and I arrange to meet up, but I love it when I go there and just bump into people without having planned on seeing them. Everything happens very organically in Ibiza, you can have no plans but end up meeting people and having an amazing day.

Ibiza Passion

There are lots of incredible beaches- I love Calla Bassa especially. Another is Cala Olivera near Jesus. It’s a very nice small little beach with a man who cooks fish that he’s caught fresh that morning. The island has so many special places I love but I’d say Cala Olivera is my favourite spot. It’s nice because not too many people know it so it’s a great place to get away from it all.

My favorite place to go last year was a restaurant in Es Viver. There’s this chef who would cook in his house while you all sit around and chill out. It has a really amazing vibe about it and great Italian food, but he also had every record you can imagine! It’s amazing- he had Funk, Disco, House & Techno! So it was basically a really special little restaurant that also doubled up as a record shop. Unfortunately it closed this year, but I hear they are looking for a new location so listen out for it and definitely check it out if you get the chance!

Ibiza beach

Something that sticks out as possibly my favorite moment on the island is when my parents came for the first time - that was really special. They came to Ushuaïa for an ANTS party (where I’m a resident) and it was the first time they’d ever seen me DJ live, they went crazy!


Photo Credit: Roberto Castano


Andrea’s Island Top 5 Places to...

Grab a Quick Bite

More of a bar/bakery called Prince.


Fine Dine

For a fun place La Dolce Vita owned by a friend of mine, Gina. For Fine Dining I like Kilometro Cinco (KM5).



It has to be Ushuaïa.

Ibiza Resident


ANTS, of course.

Ibiza Ants Night

Chill Out

No where better than Cala Olivera



A really individual brand called reVOLVER in Ibiza Town.

Revolver Ibiza

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