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Need a little advice on how to get the online dating scene a go? Then check out this guide on how to win at online dating with happn.

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So you’ve nipped out for a pint of milk in your pyjamas, your hair’s all over the gaff and you think, ‘ah, what the heck, no one will ever see me like this,’ but out of nowhere you spot a super-hot girl, who you’d love to chat to, but know you really can’t.

While in the past you’d have to accept you’d probably never see her again, with new dating app happn you’re given a second chance. Essentially, if you’ve crossed paths with a fellow happn user, their profile will pop up on your phone and if you like the look of one another then you’re granted another opportunity to impress. Could this be the remedy to all those public chat-up blunders we’ve experienced in the past? Perhaps not - but it's definitely a start.

In the wake of happn's growing popularity throughout the UK and Europe, we asked Marie from the team for some tips on how to be successful with the new app and here’s what she had to say…

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Opening Line

Finding an opening line on happn is fairly easy: the people you meet on happn, are people you’ve encountered in real life. Either you’ve actually seen them, and find them on the app: “Hey there! I saw you at the pub the other day : ) fancy another drink?"

…or you keep bumping into them on happn, and you wish you could finally meet in person. Since happn gives you an idea of WHERE and WHEN you’ve crossed paths, as well as how many times already, it is very easy to start a conversation. “Laura, 27” always shows up on your timeline in the evenings when you’re at home? She might be one of your neighbours. “Hey Laura! Do you also live around here?”

happn also indicates your mutual friends and mutual interests thanks to Facebook Connect: “So how do you know Ben? He’s my best friend!”


Happn Spark a conversation

Photo Choice

It is always difficult to give people an idea of who you are through a picture. Thankfully, you’re allowed several pictures. You can be more abstract and show more of your world in the next pictures, but the first one is crucial: put a picture of yourself, it’s the first point of contact to catch someone’s eye and for people to recognise you. It shouldn’t be a group picture: people nowadays are lazy. Who wants to guess if you’re the tall one, the blond one or the bearded one in the picture? Always upload more than one picture. One picture is suspicious.

Apart from that, just be yourself. Don’t show yourself in a fancy suit in front of a Ferrari with a bling watch if you’re actually always in a hoodie and trainers taking the bus. If you are to meet someone on happn, you might as well be honest starting with your pictures. Especially if you keep crossing paths with that someone who can actually find out what you look like in real life.

And to each his own: a selfie in your car, a duck face or a picture of your abs: these might not be regarded as attractive or stylish by a Vogue editor, but surely there’s someone out there who will like you just the way you are.


Happn Selfie


Keep it simple. Don’t go into a rant: say a few things about you, if you’re funny, be funny, make people curious - but the real conversation happens in your inbox and in real life!


Happn Real Life

Landed Yourself a Date

If you've bagged yourself a date then you're going to want to look smart. When I say smart, I don't mean pulling out your best suit and tie and polish up your brogues, but making the effort to look presentable and comfortable at the same time.

Try wearing a classic white Oxford shirt, still smart yet because of the material and fit it keeps it more relaxed - this one from Lyle & Scott is spot on. Teamed with a pair of raw denim jeans in a slimmer fit for a fitted shape and classic look and slip on some tasselled or penny loafers in burgundy. This just creates a smart-casual look you can certainly impress your date with.

If the weather isn't at its best (when is it) then throw on a bomber jacket in navy. This one from The Idle Man is spot on - lightweight and durable, it will make the perfect accompaniment to your smart-casual outfit.


smart casual outfit for a date
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