The Ultimate BBQ Moroccan Lamb Recipe


Time for sunny BBQs so fire up the grill and try this recipe. I have suggested using Birch charcoal for this recipe as this will impart delicious flavour onto the lamb. I use a sustainable British charcoal company.

Their charcoal lights extremely easily and quickly settles at a great cooking temperature. I also use a chimney starter to help start the BBQ and get the coals to temperature. Start cooking when you can briefly just hold your hand above the grill, same as a steak in a frying pan.

Use either wooden or metal skewers, but if using wood don't forget to soak in water so they don't burn. If you use squared rather than round skewers your meat is less likely to rotate separately to the skewer, making them easier to turn.

Wild garlic is rife in the British countryside at the moment and a perfect accompaniment for the lamb in this recipe. Hunter gather cook have fantastic day courses and you can also book private courses.

It seems a shame to have a BBQ without a beer. I chose a seasonal Brew Dog beer, Jack Hammer.  This bitter IPA is a delight to have alongside the spice and balanced sweetness of the Moroccan kofta.


500g Lamb Mince

1 Red Onion

1 Red Chilli

Small bunch of Fresh Coriander (chopped)

2 Dried Figs

½ Small Cucumber (deseeded)

Zest and Juice of half a Lemon

Clove Garlic

Small bunch of Wild Garlic

Small pot of Natural Yoghurt

1tsp Ground Cumin

1tsp Ground Coriander

8 Wraps

8 Wooden Skewers (soaked in water)

Salt & Pepper

Tbsp Olive Oil

Birch Charcoal


1. Finely dice half the red onion, garlic clove and dried figs.

2. Gently heat the oil in a pan and first add the ground spices briefly before the diced ingredients.

3. Cook for five minutes until softened, then allow to cool. Add half the fresh coriander, lemon zest and lamb mince and season.

4. Divide the mince into 8 balls and then shape in to even sausages. Slide the skewers through them.

5. Slice the second half of the red onion and the deseeded cucumber. Add to the lemon juice and yoghurt. Add the other half of the fresh coriander.

6. When your charcoal is ready to cook over put on the kofta. Cook for 5 minutes a side. Take off and rest for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile toast your wraps on the grill.

7. Put a couple of wild garlic leaves on a wrap, then some of the raita before your kofta.

8. Wrap and enjoy!

Edited by George Cheley

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