Hot Since 82: The Moment I Knew

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It can be a track, gig, a piece of art, or absolutely anything. We’re taking a look at the moments when artists realised they were going to dedicate their lives to music. 

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We catch up with Daley Padley aka Hot Since 82 ahead of his performance at Printworks next month. The Leeds-based DJ and producer quickly made a name for himself and he's one of the most loved house performers around. Read on to find out all about the defining moments that sparked his love for music. This is Hot Since 82's moment.

Hot Since 82 will also be playing The Winter Social festival on Saturday 11th March. For more info and tickets click here. Keep up with Hot Since 82's movements on his Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | RA

For Daley, it all started when he was about 18. "I guess it was when I first left school and tried my hand at this and that. I was for a lack of another word, useless. Music has always been my passion. I don’t have the attention span for anything else but this. I realised DJ’ing and performing is what I wanted to do. I got myself some DJ headphones and started my record collection. I am a very very lucky man to be able to do this for a living".

Of course, even though he realised what he wanted to at a young age, it doesn't mean it was going to be simple. However, his efforts definitely paid off. "I was in my home town of Barnsley which is in Yorkshire. It's an old mining town so breaking as a DJ wasn’t easy. I started to promote my own parties in order to make noise in the surrounding areas. Before I knew it I was spinning records in Leeds and that’s where it started".

hot since 82

Going to Leeds played a pretty important role in his electronic music diet at the time. "My favourite clubbing experience in that era was probably the Speedqueen. It was a gay/mixed night, super in your face, and for a skinny 18-year-old kid it was very intimidating at first. I think it was one of the best clubs I've ever been to. Such an amazing party".

"If I wasn’t doing what I'm doing now, I really don't know where I would be or what I would be doing. It's not very often at 18 years of age you make your mind up and all these years later on you achieve it. There have been some pinnacle moments along the way as well as some dark ones. I’m very lucky to have a massive crew of pals. We’ve all been tight since we were very young. It's still the same now. The same crew just a little older and maybe, just maybe a little wiser! The most important thing for me is that I came out the other end and I've been blessed to make people smile and dance. How amazing is that!?"

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Author: Claudia Manca


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