My History of Sneakers: Rude Kid

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This is our chance to find out what's in the wardrobe of some of our favourite artists. In the build up to Boxpark Croydon's opening in a couple of weeks, we caught up with Rude Kid to get to grips with his favourite sneakers. 

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When your fans include, Giggs, Wiley, JME and Skepta you know you must be doing something right and that's clearly the case with Rude Kid. Ahead of his performance at the opening of Boxpark Croydon later this month, we wanted to get to know this DJ and producer and what better way than finding out about his favourite trainers.

As well as a love of Air Force 1s, take a look at what sneakers he couldn't live without, those he can't stand and one pair he'd pick above all others. This is Rude Kid's history of sneakers.

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Firstly, how long have you been into Sneakers?

I think every since I hit like year 3 in school! I remember always wanting trainers with air bubbles on the sides.

What were the first Sneakers you fell in love with?

First Sneakers I fell in love with have to be, Nike Cortez. I remember my dad bought them for me when I was in Primary and I used to love them! They had a small tick on the side though not the big one, mine were in Chrome and silver - they looked sick!

Nike Cortez in Black

How big's your collection, any rare gems?

I have so many trainers it's mad. I get sent loads of them as well, which im not complaining about at all! I'm not really after the rare creps, I just like trainers that look nice. I've got some Nike Air max Patches in black - they are sick! And of course a couple of Jordans as well.

What are a couple of your favourite sneakers of all time?

I have to say Reebok Workouts. They were the comfiest trainers back in the days and now, I love Nike Air Max 90's. You just can't go wrong with them, also got a pair of Jordan Retro 6's in white and black, love them both, so I'm gonna have to put them in my fave pairs.

reebok workout trainers
Reebok Workout Trainers

And your most hated?

I will say have to say them sketcher trainers, they are mad lol.. you'll never see me in them.

What's your favourite brand?

At the moment I'm loving a lot of the Puma stuff, but to be fair I love all brands that make sick trainers.

What are your go to sneakers for a long day?

Right now I'm wearing Puma Blaze Of Glory OG x Staple, so I'd have to say them.

puma Glory OG Staple-5
Puma Blaze Of Glory OG x Staple

If you had to pick one pair for the rest of your life, what sneakers would you choose & why?

This is a hard question, very hard question... but i'm gonna say Nike Air Force 1s. They go with any outfit, I've had loads of them as well, only problem is after 2 wears you have to buy new ones, which is cool though, can't be wearing Creased up AirForces and they're easy to find.

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