My History of Sneakers: Mambo Brothers


Today we take a look at the sneaker collection of Ibiza natives Mambo Brothers and their undiscussed passion for Adidas. 

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After putting together our very own interactive History of Sneakers, we've been discussing all things sneakers with electronic artists and musicians who are obsessed with trainers just as much as we are. This time it's Christian and Alan Anadon' aka Mambo Brothers' turn to share their sneaker experience. This is Mambo Brothers' History of Sneakers.

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Firstly, how long have you been into sneakers?

Chris: Since I bought my first All Star Converse back in the early 2000s!

Alan: Since I bought my first Adidas Conductor Seoul Edition in 2007, what a pair!

What were the first sneakers you fell in love with?

Chris: Well, let’s start this by saying Alan is THE Sneaker freak collector! But I’d say the Air Jordan 14. The ones he used in his last playoff with the Bulls.

Alan: My Larry Johnson Converse. They were totally unique!

How big is your collection, any rare gems?

Chris: I have over 20 pairs and I feel a special love for my Air Force One's in all white.

Alan: 170 pairs! I have the Adidas Americana French edition, only 100 ever made. Also Adidas Strider’s, Originals from the 80’s, super rare to find and only cost me €25.

Adidas Americana Hi 88

What are a couple of your favourite sneakers of all time?

Chris: I’m a classic one… still my All Stars!

Alan: The Jordan 3 and 4’s and then some Adidas 80’s basketball classics like The Strider and Europa Hi.

And your most hated?

Chris: I hate flip flops, they destroy my back!

Alan: The Adidas Jeremy Scott wings in transparent plastic. I just didn't get those at all.

What's your favourite brand?

Chris: It has been Converse for a long time, but now I’m onto Adidas and their Ultra Boost. They’re really comfortable and great all-rounders.

Alan: Adidas. Always Adidas. I just love their history.

What are your go-to sneakers for a long set?

Chris: Adidas Ultra Boost.

Alan: Adidas Nomad Primeknit.

Adidas Ultra Boost
PHOTO CREDIT: Serenissima

If you had to just pick one pair for the rest of your life, what sneakers would you choose & why?

Chris: Ultra Boost. Great discovery and the new all black looks really cool.

Alan: The Air Jordan 4. Always gotta stick with the Jordans.



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