My History of Sneakers: Louis Mattrs

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It all began with a pair of Reebok Classics! Louis Mattrs is giving us a glimpse into his favourite trainers.

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After compiling an extensive list of every trainer known to man in our History of Sneakers earlier this year, we thought it was about time someone else had a go! This week it's the turn of Louis Mattrs. If you're not familiar with Louis and his unique sound, check his latest video and keep reading to find out the trainers he loves and those he'd rather didn't exist. This is Louis Mattrs' history of sneakers.

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Firstly, how long have you been into Sneakers?

Since I was once forced to wear velcro shoes as a child and thought to myself; 'I’m better than this!'

What were the first Sneakers you fell in love with?

Easily my white Reebok Classics in year 6. I thought I was a massive don! Rockin them whilst kicking a tennis ball around the playground and swinging a yoyo about.

white reebok classics
White Reebok Classics

How big's your collection, any rare gems?

It’s quite small actually as I'm very picky and only like a select few.

What are a couple of your favourite sneakers of all time?

I’m not sure if these count but I'd go for the Total 90 Astro Turfs if anyone remembers them. They ruled every playground and every back garden across the U.K. If you didn’t have these I don’t know what you were doing at the age of 10. Simply for nostalgic reasons I’ll have to say these are my favourite. Although you wouldn’t catch me wearing them now...

And your most hated?

Lonsdale Benn men's trainers - if you own a pair, good luck mate.

Lonsdale Benn
No words needed...

Favourite brand?

If I told you that I'd have to kill you.

What are your go to sneakers to perform in?

My Nike Janoski - black with gum soles get the most use on stage. Very casual and tend to go with most things I wear.

If you had to pick one pair for the rest of your life, what sneakers would you choose & why?

I know they’re not really sneakers but I don’t go anywhere without my adidas sliders. If you frown upon socks and sandals then we can’t be friends.

Adidas Sliders
Adidas Sliders



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