Health Benefits From Everyday Foods

Health Benefits From Everyday Foods

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There are all kinds of health benefits from the foods we eat on a regular basis and there are some foods that we should be eating more of. It’s always good to feed your body natural sources of the vitamins and minerals we need to live healthy rather than sourcing them from extra supplements or taking medicine for curable common illness like the common cold. 

It’s nice to think that the world works via a give and take service, that what we take from the earth we should also give back. The millennials have certainly decided that that’s the way forward and we must nurture what we get and make sure we plant more trees and live a little cleaner in order to give back to nature. So what are we taking from the Earth? On a daily basis, we consume an immense amount of vitamins and minerals grown inside our food in a variety of ways, whether that’s through livestock, vegetables or the simplest table dressings like salt.

There are so many ways we can consume certain vitamins and minerals through the simplest of foods you have daily and never really think about the goodness inside them. So we’ve done the research for you and found out what’s so good about the food we eat on a regular basis.


A summer favourite with its refreshing taste and it’s uplifting dressing on a side of a Piña colada, pineapples are actually great for you. Rich in bromaline which is a powerful anti-inflammatory great for helping your body recover quicker even from mosquito bites. It is also high in vitamin C another component that aids inflammations, making pineapples the natural saviour all year round.


We all know we don’t need too much salt in our diet but we cannot live salt-free, this is because we still need salt in order to keep our bodies going. Salt, in particular, contains iodine, a nutrient that your thyroid needs to be able to create and disperse hormones throughout the body. By cutting salt out you can actually cause your metabolism to slow down or allow yourself to become fatigued.

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Shellfish is on the list because it’s high in zinc, especially oysters. If you consider yourself to be thinning out on top then this is the one for you as having a low amount of zinc in your body can actually cause you to lose your hair. So by consuming more zinc you will be able to hold onto your hair for a little longer.

Green Tea:

An all-round medical marvel, green tea has so many benefits to it, it should definitely be on your shopping list if it isn’t already. One of the reasons it’s so good for you is because it contains EGCG, which is an antioxidant and these can help repair damaged skin cells, especially those damaged caused by harmful UV rays, meaning it can actually prevent sunburn.


Although too much will never be great for you, a couple of squares a day could be beneficial. Dark chocolate contains properties that dilate your blood vessels which allows more oxygen to be delivered to your muscles. So if you’re keen on exercise then having a few pieces a day with help to improve your endurance during your workout.

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An easy vegetable to add to any meal, mushrooms contain plenty of protein and fibre making them a great substitution to any animal-based products if you’re vegan or vegetarian. Even better, when they are grown outdoors they are exposed to sunlight meaning they absorb more vitamin D and in turn delivering a higher concentration to you once you eat them.


Depending on how you have your onions in the summer, might be on top of a hot dog at a BBQ or chopped up in a salad (obviously there’s a healthier option between the two), but nevertheless, onions are low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals and fibre. They also are known to reduced your cholesterol levels which can reduce your risk of heart disease.


If you find that you aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day then lemons will help you get more water into your system by making plain old water more palatable. Not only adding flavour, but lemons are also a great source of vitamin C which can help prevent or limit the duration of the common cold. Finally, another reason why you should add a few slices of lemon to your water is because it is known to aid digestion supporting healthier skin and weight loss.

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(Even though these foods have properties which can help you, that’s not to say you shouldn’t seek a medical professional if you become ill).

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