Hannah Wants Talks to The Idle Man Ahead of Creamfields 2016

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In just a few years she's made a huge impact on not just the UK Dance scene but all over Europe and now she's set her sights on the rest of the World. We decided it was time to get to know Hannah Wants a little better.

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With just a few weeks until Creamfields, the mammoth electronic music festival in the heart of Cheshire, taking place over the August bank holiday weekend. One woman performing has carved her own path through the UK scene over the last six years. You'll find her tearing up the MK Area10 stage on the Sunday, it's Hannah Wants.

Rising up from a self taught DJ in the Midlands to a new age Ibiza icon, then becoming one of the UK's best known dance music stars. If you don't know Hannah already then you'd better get to know.

She's got a serious work ethic! Not content with taking over the UK with a sell out 'What Hannah Wants' tour earlier this year, she's heading to the US with gigs all over America. It's obvious over the last few years that what Hannah wants, she gets, so you'd better get out of her way. We took the chance to get to know her a little better and find out how she deals with her hectic schedule.

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Hannah Wants Interview

First off, how's your year been so far? Any major highlights?

It’s been unreal thank you! It’s definitely my most crazy year to date with my DJ schedule but I’m loving every minute of it. We Are FSTVL, Parklife, Lost & Found and Hideout have been my first festivals of the year and they’ve all been incredible. Another highlight would definitely have to be my ‘What Hannah Wants’ UK Tour. It was a 12 date sell out tour across February and March and it’s always a special time of year. Already started planning the 2017 tour and I’m already excited!

You’ve got a packed summer of shows, where's been your favourite festival so far and what ones are you most looking forward to?

I’ve just left Croatia where I played Hideout Festival and it’s been a yearly highlight of mine for three years now so I’m gonna have to say that. I played a 'What Hannah Wants' boat party and then a gig in the evening and the vibe was just insane.

You're playing out in Ibiza a lot this year, how would you describe the atmosphere on the Island for anyone that hasn't been before?

Basically if you haven’t been before then you need to get going! It’s probably my favourite place in the world as it holds so many amazing memories and provides some of the best raves yearly. It’s a magical island.  

You're playing out in the States over the coming months, how do you find the crowd out there? Any major differences?

I’ve actually just landed in the States for a weekend of gigs in NYC, Chicago and Toronto and I’ll also be back a few more times this year for longer tours. It’s such a massive country and I love the challenge of growing as an artist over here.

The crowds are different, yeah, but it’s hard to explain how. UK v US dance moves certainly differ haha. They’re both great vibes for different reasons.


What's your favourite thing about playing all these shows?

I love so much about my job! First and foremost DJ’ing is my passion, so being able to travel to different countries and DJ to thousands of people around the world is just a dream come true. I love meeting new people, getting to explore new clubbing cultures, cities, countries; I just love my job and fully appreciate each day.

And the worst thing?

The only thing I can even think of is the exhaustion levels that can sometimes be reached. Hard-core touring with maximum travelling and minimal sleep can sometimes catch up with you but it’s something you get used to and when you get a good night off after working hard, it’s the most rewarding feeling.

Are there any projects you've got in the pipeline we can know about?

My latest project is a collaboration with the vocalist Detour City has literally just been premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Annie Mac this evening, I’ve been locked in all the way from New York! It’s due out 6th July on Cr2 Records via Beatport.

Found The Ground is another release which I’m hoping will drop next month. I’ll be announcing details ASAP.

I’m also working on an original track with a girl I actually went to high school with. She’s an incredible vocalist and I hit her up to work on a project. It’s sounding real exciting at the moment so I can’t wait to see what the end result is gonna be!

You're playing Creamfields this year, what can we expect from your set?

Another big set I hope. Creamfields has been a yearly highlight of mine for the past few years and I’m always so excited to get back. I’m gonna be playing in MK’s Area 10 tent and I’m aiming for a full capacity tent and mega vibey atmosphere. Roll on August!

3 songs everyone needs in their playlist right now?

Marco Faraone - Boost

Jacob B - The Substance [unreleased]

Josh Butler - Need Me

To catch Hannah at the MK Area 10 Arena over the August bank holiday weekend at this year's Creamfields, head over to their Website.


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