A Guided Tour of Tel Aviv with Shlomi Aber


If you're into your techno then we're sure you've heard of Shlomi Aber. As one of the main pioneers and influential figures in the scene, Shlomi Aber is your go-to-guy for what's hot and what's not in the darker sounds of techno. Hailing from Tel Aviv but now based in Barcelona, this highly influential producer is now showcasing his vast knowledge of techno with a brand new compilation entitled 15 Years Nordstern, which you can pre-order now.

To get a better idea of how his native country has influenced him and to get a glimpse into the real Tel Aviv, we've called on Shlomi to give us a guided tour of the city. Make sure you check the rest of our My City series after this but for now, let's take a trip to The Big Orange.

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Where’s the first place you visit when you return home from abroad?

I don’t go back home too often, so first thing is to go visit my parents. I have very young-minded parents which are also best friends so going back and visiting them is always fun. I’ll be eating my mum’s food before anything else.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock


Where’s the best place for a first date?

My studio… somehow it always does the trick. Girls always believe that if I can push all those buttons around and getting all those machines to work simultaneously I can do many other things…


Photo Credit: CMX Hub
Photo Credit: CMX Hub


Where serves the best breakfast?

Roladin is my favourite at the moment. Israeli breakfasts are well known to be something special, a big variety of cheeses, tuna, eggs, guacamole, salads and breads. We are not croissant people.


Photo Credit: Times of Israel
Photo Credit: Times of Israel


Where’s your favourite place to party?

I hardly party back home anymore, but my favourite will be the Cat & Dog club, mainly because of the friends I’m always running into. There are people you find inside those club walls that you’ll never see anywhere else in town.


Where’s your favourite place to drink?

Home with friends, once in a while we do BBQ and poker nights with bunch of our friends. It always ends up with hard mornings, travelling as often as I do makes you appreciate these moments.

What’s your earliest memory of your city?

Maybe it’s not the earliest but it’s definitely one of the strongest. I was very young, maybe 7-8 , and living next to the beach I used to spend lots of time watching the surfers hitting the waves. I had a big passion for it and I ended up doing wind surfing daily for 8 years of my life. I’m definitely missing it!


Photo Credit: The Star
Photo Credit: The Star


What one song sums up your city for you and why?

“Tel Aviv Garden”, I produced this one while looking over the city from Guy Gerber’s old studio, it was on a terrace with a nice city view.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

There are many small private designer shops in Tel Aviv, the city is full of artistic shops that make very interesting wears, my favourite is “Bronson”.

Do you have a fact about your city not a lot of people know?

I was reading online that from research some American university runs, Tel Aviv has the most clubs/restaurants /bars per its capacity in the world… its bubbling alright!

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