A Guided Tour of São Paulo with Alibi

A Guided Tour of São Paulo with Alibi

We travel to São Paulo to chat with drum and bass DJs/producers, Alibi, and get a guided tour of their beautiful city to celebrate the release of their new EP, "Hornets" on V Recordings.

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São Paulo has so much to offer being the most populous city in the Southern Hemisphere and the wealthiest city in Brazil. Although not only known as the country's financial hub, São Paulo also promises beautiful architecture, a crazy nightlife, and lively people. We call on duo DJs/producers Alibi to give us the low down on this awesome city and show us what it has to experience.

Level 2 and DJ Chap joined forces to form Brazilian drum and bass duo, Alibi, a DJ/producer duo that has quickly established themselves on the Brazilian drum and bass scene. The two have amalgamated their signature sounds to push the boundaries of the genre and capture new audiences, growing in popularity, the pair have recently mixed on the iconic 'Planet V Drum & Bass Vol 2' whilst also working on their second project with legendary V Recordings.

"Hornets" is Alibi's latest project with V. This dynamic EP explores the dark and lighter sides of their sounds, with tracks featuring deep sounds and high step rhythms that are exploring sound extensions and cemented their influential place in the drum and bass scene.

Stay up to date with Alibi's activities on SoundCloud | Facebook and buy their new EP at V Store | iTunes

Where is the best place for a first date?

We think a good restaurant, something more casual where you can wear comfortable clothes like jeans, a shirt and shoes.

Where is your favorite place to relax and clear your head?

Our home, always!

Which serves the best breakfast?

A place called Bela Paulista serves the best breakfast in SP!

Alibi City Guide
Bella Paulista | PHOTO CREDIT: Ravena

Where is your favorite place to party?

Clash Club! A great club with a powerful sound system, a lot of cool people, ideal for wearing shorts, shirt, cap and comfortable shoes. Lab Club is nice too.

Alibi City Guide
Clash Club | PHOTO CREDIT: Clash Club

Where is your favorite place to have a quiet drink?

Titus Bar, located in the downtown, there is a traditional bar with several unique drinks and a nice atmosphere to talk with friends.

Alibi City Guide
Titus Bar | PHOTO CREDIT: Restorando

How would you describe the style of your city?

We love São Paulo! It's a diverse city, with more than 11 million people who wake up before the sun. We are passionate about this place, you really can find everything in Sampa.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Here we have some galleries where they sell great clothes and exclusive sneakers. It is the 'Shopping Paradise'! Haha

What song sums up your city?

Sao Paulo is famous because of its diversity and it's hard to choose just one sound... maybe DJ Marky & XRS 'LK feat. Stamina MC' can describe our city, "modern and Brazilian".


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