A Guided Tour of Palma with Pig&Dan

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We travel to Palma de Mallorca, to the location of the established DJing and production duo Pig&Dan.

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Chance played a part in Pig&Dan becoming the formidable duo that they are today. When they first met they were just Igor Tchkotoua & Dan Duncan on a flight to Spain. That flight was in 1999 and now nearly two decades later, Pig&Dan are still going strong after 17 years of consistently good music in the electro house scene.

After years of making and joining labels; leaving their mark with great releases and great remixes, they are now making an even bigger impact with their own label ELEVATE. Pig&Dan are combining their label releases with organising ELEVATE events and parties to coincide with maintaining their momentum.

But when they aren’t travelling the world they reside on the Island of Mallorca (or Majorca, if that’s what you know it as!). Palma is certainly more than just a vibrant area for nightlife as it has great architecture as well as being a cultured and stylish town. Mallorca is a party getaway for some, as Magaluf tends to be a popular destination for a lot of pre-wedding parties, but to Pig&Dan Palma is home, as they guide us around the town.

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Where’s the best place for a first date?

Pig: A restaurant called Canela in the city centre…Very intimate and amazing food to share with your date.

Dan: KASKAI is super romantic and boasts a lovely menu. It's situated on top of the highest hill in Na Burgesa overlooking the whole Bay of Palma. Views and food are stunning.

Mallorca Canela Kaskai
Photo Credit (L to R): Mallorca Runaway | Trip Advisor

Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

Pig: There are many great places to chill on the island, mine personally is on a boat, so if you can rent a small boat for a day and really enjoy the intricate little rock coves the island has to offer I would definitely try that…If you want a chilled place on land I would go to Portixol there’s a small port and loads of nice small cafe s where you can chill take the sun in, smell the sea and watch life go by…

Dan: Ponderosa is a real laid back Beach Bar which is right on Muro Beach up in the north of the Island. Great chilled tunes with good vibe food and drink. The beach it sits on is also a great place to hang.

Mallorca Portixol – Ponderosa
Photo Credit (L to R): eshomemallorca | Trip Advisor

Where serves the best breakfast?

Pig: I would say Santa Catalina is a market with loads of different cafes, restaurants that serve great breakfast options…the area is vibrant and full of energy…The market really colorful and very charming…

Dan: Simply Delicious in Santa Catalina, Palma and has the healthiest Bio Israel breakfast in town. I virtually live there during the week because I adore hummus and Spicy Shakshuka to start my day. Great ambience and friendly folk hang here!!

Santa Catalina
Photo Credit: buyahomemallorca

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

Pig: For a quiet drink I would go to the top floor of the Hotel Saratoga which has an amazing view of the city and you can hear live jazz played in the background…

Dan: Es Baluard Lounge in the heart of Palma. It's situated right in front of the art museum with a nice view and very laid back ambience.

Mallorca Hotel Saratoga – Es Baluard
Photo Credit (L to R): hotelsaratoga | Mallorca nights

Where’s your favourite place to have a messier night?

Pig: I would probably recommend El Garito for a messier night especially on Thursdays.

Dan: Garitos in Can Barbara is a great to place to get messy start to end. Great named DJs play good funky house grooves and people are always up for a good laugh there.

Garito – Mallorca
Photo Credit : Mallorca label

How would you describe your city’s style?

Pig: Very chilled, with everything you need, not too expensive, great quality food, great climate and very little traffic, what else do you want?

Dan: Amazingly beautiful because of its unique architecture and holds a lot of secret surprises in its backstreets. Full of style however holds a load of tradition.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Pig: For clothes probably Piel de Gallina, really cool clothes store with vintage items and exclusive brands handpicked by the owner Tapon…

Dan: Palma city centre is fantastic because you always find discreet individual shops selling special things. If you walk from the Bourne through the little back streets up to Plaza Major around Via Sindicato you'll be sure to stumble across some off the track stores.

Piel de Gallina – Palma
Photo Credit: auroravega

What song sums up your city?

Pig: That’s a tough one, Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay comes to mind, by Ottis Redding, don’t ask me why?

Dan: SUNSHINE by Roy Ayers

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