A Guided Tour of Cork with Chymera

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We're walking the streets of Cork in this weeks My City, guided by music producer and DJ Chymera.

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Chymera didn't start his musical journey with electro and house in mind. His sound evolved drastically over the years, changing from guitar focused songs, to electro, to more dance floor friendly beats. He's now gathered a huge world wide following, and his new EP from Ovum Recordings comes out in the new year - proof that he's not gonna slow down any time soon.

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Where’s the best place for a first date?

A date back in my teenage years was asking a girl if she wanted to meet up somewhere after school for a snog, or a "shift" as you call it in Ireland. I'm not sure if anything's changed for that age bracket really. Despite the fact that I'm currently accounted for, if I were to bring a lady on a first date in Cork, I might bring her for a walk out along the River Lee in the direction of the Mardkye and further beyond.

Then finish up back in the city at the top of Shandon street for a view of the whole city. I haven't really eaten in any sit down restaurants in Cork for many years as I always cook at home, so I'd probably cook her a nice meal.


Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

I would take a spin down to the village that I grew up in, Ballymacoda, and visit the local beach

It's the beach where I learned to swim, and have taken many long walks on. I also used to camp there during my teenage years. It always brings back great memories of my childhood. The water, like everywhere in Ireland, is as cold as ice. I'm not sure if I would take a dip these days, but the long beach walks are beautifully therapeutic.


Where serves the best breakfast?

Well, depends on your idea of breakfast, but any time I'm back in Cork my first port of call is the Old English Market. I go straight to the fish counter and have half a dozen oysters, shucked on the spot and eaten on ice with lemon. Hands down the best, freshest and cheapest oysters that you can get in Cork.


Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

Cork has my favourite pubs in all of Ireland. Right beside the Old English Market you'll find the Mutton Lane Inn down a quiet alley. It's a fantastic bar with a great ambience, candlelit tables and a real fire. They always play great music and the pints are superb, with a great selection of some locally brewed beers.


What to wear...

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Where’s your favourite place to have a messier night?

The Pav in Cork is a great club where I've had the chance to play several times over the years for the mighty Fish Go Deep. Greg and Shane have been running nights in Cork since the late 80's. They originally ran their night "Sweat" in Sir Henry's, a legendary institution which I only got a chance to visit once (as I was 17 years old when I left Cork to go to college).

When Henry's closed down they moved to the Pav a couple of years later. Also in the Pav, Jamie Behan runs Bastardo Electrico which brings some stellar Techno and House DJs to Cork. Every pub in Cork also gets quite messy at nights, so I would check out The Oval and Tom Barry's Bar - another two of my favourites.


How would you describe your city’s style?

Cork people are quite un-pretentious and I think the style is reflected in that. Just genuine, honest people and good vibes, almost always.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Everything has changed since the times I used to live in Cork. Back then I would buy all my CDs from HMV and Virgin, both gone now as far as I know. One place which has been bringing a real quality selection of house and techno vinyl to Cork is Plug'd records. Although I don't buy much vinyl these days, I still pop in every once in a while if I'm home.

The aforementioned Old English Market is where I buy all my groceries. There are some incredible locally made cheeses, fresh fish, organic meat and organic vegetables. And Vibes and Scribes is where I've been purchasing my books for years.

PHOTO CREDIT: Triskel Arts Centre

What song sums up your city?

The Frank and Walters 'This is Not a Song'

And to get a little self indulgent, Midnight at the Aquarium was the track that brought me to the attention of Greg & Shane from Fish Go Deep, and also introduced my music to their fans. Whenever I play that track now I get an instant little reminder of Cork and where I've come from. It sums up the city for me at least.

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