A Guided Tour of Berlin with andhim

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We are here in the German capital Berlin for the latest instalment of My City. We speak to Cologne natives andhim for where they enjoy going (or if in fact they actually do) in Berlin.

There is more to the city than just the historic political landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and what’s left of the Berlin Wall. Their creative urban scene makes this one of the most popular cities for range of styles and crazy nights out.

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Where’s the best place for a first date?

Definitely at one of Berlin's amazing parks such as Hasenheide or Tempelhofer Feld. You can start with a nice walk and then get into the bushes immediately! Perfectly easy.

Hasenheide Park Berlin
Photo Credit: michaelzoll

What will you be rocking?

The Idle Man - First Date - Berlin
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Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

On my couch. Nothing beats a day in joggers on the couch watching some cartoons and eating pizza.

Where serves the best breakfast?

I like to go to the Turkish market in Kreuzberg any Tuesday's and Friday's to buy some delicious freshly made creams and hummus, fruits and vegetables.

Turkish market in Kreuzberg
Photo Credit: violagabrielle

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

I'm not a bar guy. I usually prefer to stay at a friend's place.

Photo Credit: homebarsetup
Photo Credit: homebarsetup

Keep it casual for a quiet drink at home

The Idle Man - Quiet Drink (At home) - Berlin
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Where’s your favourite place to have a messier night?

There are so many. But if I'm at home (which is not often) I prefer to hang out with my friends and go with the flow. That's the cool thing about Berlin. You can start with an innocent beer and end up at a random after party two days later on Monday afternoon.

Night Out in Berlin
Photo Credit: warsteiner

What would you choose from your wardrobe?

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Where are your favourite places to shop?

I avoid shopping. I'm pretty much the jeans and shirt type of guy so that's pretty easy. If I shop it is in other countries most of the time

What song sums up your city?

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