A Guided Tour of Berlin with Bruno Pronsato

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We're getting a guided tour of Berlin with music producer Bruno Pronsato

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This week we're flying to Germany to the bustling city of Berlin. Our guide is music producer Bruno Pronsato, who for over a decade has been making his mark in the music world with his unique, jazzy take on minimal techno.

Despite being born and raised in Seattle, Bruno Pronsato was drawn to Berlin in 2006 and hasn't thought about moving away. The vibrant, busy city has helped cement the warm techno vibe of his music, and created a home for the underground nightlife.

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Where’s the best place for a first date?

I've always thought that Neugrüns Köche was a perfect place for a first date. It's where I met my girlfriend for our first date. It's pretty diverse and at times even bizarre with its menu. One can be adventurous or tame depending on how one wants to present him or herself…the 3 course and 5 course menus are very moderately priced. I had venison tongue salad once - it was amazing.

Photo Credit: Fabatable

Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

I love the laid back vibe of Marietta. It's incredibly close to my house. Depending on my mood I can go there for a coffee or get deep on whiskey. The music is usually in the pocket as well.

Photo Credit: Top10berlin

Where serves the best breakfast?

Hands down Nalu diner. It's an american style diner with next level pancakes and sausage. The omelets are gigantic and the hash browns served in a fried ball are mindblowing.

Photo Credit: Nalu-diner

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

For me Becketts Kopf is the most reliable for a quiet drink when you're out. You actually have to ring a door bell to get in. The drinks are pretty expensive, but you are treated to probably one of the best places in Berlin for old school style cocktails in massive leather chairs. Go for the non-smoking room in the back, it's usually pretty empty.

Photo Credit: Beckets-kopf

Where’s your favourite place to have a messier night?

Again close to me -- Badfish Bar. Super amazing bar tenders, great music and the cocktails are all priced very reasonably.

Photo Credit: TripAdviser

How would you describe your city’s style?

Klaus Wowereit (the former mayor of Berlin) put it best when he said, 'We're poor, but sexy.'

Where are your favourite places to shop?

For food I'm partial to Galerie Lafayette. They have an incredibly fresh section of meats and fish. You can shop and and eat all in a little foyer then head up stairs and buy cologne and a T-shirt.

Galeries Lafayette Berlin – Friedrichstraße 76/78 – Berlin-Mitte – Germany – www.galerieslafayette.de – Phone: +49(0)30-209480, Fax: +49(0)30-20948102, Email: contact@galerieslafayette.de – Architekt: Jean Nouvel – Accessoires, Delikatessen, Designer, Düfte, Luxus, Mode und Pflegeprodukte mit französischem Flair auf fünf Etagen rund um die berühmten Glaskegel von Star-Architekt Jean Nouvel, direkt an Berlins berühmter Einkaufsmeile Friedrichstraße, mitten im Herzen der deutschen Hauptstadt.
Photo Credit: Flickr

What song sums up your city?

'Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk' by The Cramps

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