A Guided Tour of Atlanta with DJ Pierre

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Atlanta, Georgia is the setting for this edition of My City. Taking us on a tour of the city he is based, the man with the quintessential house style, DJ Pierre gives us the lowdown of his environment.

Home of the dirty south rap style and outlandish strip clubs, Atlanta seems to be a strange home for an acid house DJ. But since moving from the north to the south he has embraced the differences. We take a trip around the city with DJ Pierre, to get a feel for the popular city.

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First I have to stress the city I'm most familiar with is Chicago. I was born there and grew up there basically. I moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia about 5 years ago so I'm still learning the city.

Where’s the best place for a first date? 

My son who is 20 loves Studio Movie Grille in Alpharetta. I like going as well with my girls and my wife. It's a one stop shop. Movie, dinner all in one. Think that would be a good spot. If you are into sports...Andretti Indoor Race track is amazing. 

studio movie grille atlanta
Photo Credit: tbo

Will it be a relaxed & casual look for the first date?

The Idle Man - First date- Atlanta
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Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

Atlanta and it's suburbs has amazing greenery. There are parks all over the place. So I would pick any one and enjoy the sun. I have 2 little girls so I'm at a park a whole lot. Piedmont park is probably one of the better known parks in the city.

Piedmont park Atlanta
Photo Credit: aarp

Where serves the best breakfast?

I love The Flying Biscuit. I get the best of both worlds. Healthy and delicious. 

Photo Credit: atlantarex
Photo Credit: atlantarex

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

I honestly do not drink – but I will go out for drinks with my family, friends who respect my choice not to drink and we flow without a problem. There is a spot I was introduced to a few months back. We needed a space to do a charity event we sponsor and I dig the place. It's a unique space, art gallery, bar, lounge, outdoor patio and restaurant. The venue name is Studio 7, on Marietta St. Atlanta.  

Studio 7 Atlanta
Photo Credit: Studio7

What will you be stepping out in?

The Idle Man - Quiet Drink - Atlanta
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Where’s your favourite place to have a messier night?

If you asked me this 20 years ago I would have a different answer. So I will just adjust the question and let you know the places I've enjoyed and places I know others have nearly wrecked themselves. Edgewood Avenue is in an area in Atlanta where there is a bar or 2 on every block. That's a drinkers dream. For the more sophisticated drinker there is a venue where my team and I host events. EQ Nightclub on Trinity avenue is quickly becoming the place to be on a Friday/Saturday night and the bar and bartenders are amazing. The partners in the spot are 'regular Joes'. Normal guys wh0 make everyone feel at home. They come up with drinks based on your taste...and like on the spot. 

EQ Nightclub Atlanta
Photo Credit: yelp

Want to grab someone's attention?

The Idle Man - Night Out
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How would you describe your city’s style?

Maybe a bit schizo...in a weird good way though. You can get a little bit of everything. The scene has a variety of styles, neighborhoods, people. It's a small city with big aspirations. It mimics a big city. It was a little slow for me coming here from Chicago but I've come to appreciate it's pace. It has old ways but new habits. It's the old south merging with all these transplants who are from the bigger cities. So you are seeing a melting pot of ideas. 

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Have to admit I'm a mall rat. Atlanta is full of them. Mall of Georgia is always fun. 

Mall of Georgia
Photo Credit: business.simon

What song sums up your city?

I feel like Atlanta is on the verge of claiming it's place at the big boy's table. It's bustling music scene is a bit segmented but it's coming together. That's what I can relate to most here. I'm happy to be a part of that movement that will help shape a particular sound emerging from Atlanta. So when I think of  a song, Diana Ross' I'm coming out popped in my mind. Atlanta is coming out and is about to let the world know...

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