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If you've been reading The Idle Man blog for a while now then you'll no doubt be familiar with Gents Of London Barbershop. A few weeks ago we reached out to the bossman there, Pete Donoghue, to get the lowdown on the summer's hottest haircuts. If you didn't manage to catch the feature at the time then you can read it HERE.

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For our latest 'Guide To...' feature we got in touch with Pete again, but this time to discuss how to achieve the ultimate shave at home. So whether you're prepping for a job interview, getting ready for a date, or you've just had enough of your facial fuzz, then make sure you've got your note pad at the ready for his expert advice.

Baxter Of California wet shave
- The most important part of any shave is preparing the skin. Most blokes have a tendency to slap on shaving foam before scraping it off with a razor and wonder why they get shaving rash.

- To achieve a close shave without irritating the skin and the dreaded shaving rash, the pours on the beard need to be open, so ideally always shave after a hot shower or bath. It's also worth using an exfoliator to remove dead skin as well as softening the beard.

- Shaving bumps are totally unavoidable for those with sensitive skin. But what most men forget is that shaving cream is foremost a moisturiser and should be massaged into the face until it nearly disappears before reapplying.

Ultimate wet shave
- You can even go one step further and use a pre-shave oil before applying the cream. This will help the razor glide across the face.

- Before each stroke pull the skin taught so the razor can get as close to the skin as possible and remember to always shave in the direction of your hair growth.

- When you shave your face you strip off several layers of skin, so this is why you should always use a post shaving balm to replenish and calm the skin.

Baxtter of California wet shave
Gents of London Barbershop offer full treatment cut throat wet shaves using traditional British products that have stood the test of time. They firmly believe that "feeling fresh and smelling fantastic is merely the icing on the cake," not to mention the fact it's ridiculously relaxing. So if the occasion calls for it and you happen to be nearby, then why not pop in and treat yourself. For further information check out the links after the jump.

Gents Of London Barbershop Sign
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