Get your spice on this winter

Get your spice on this winter

Hot sauce connoisseurs rejoice! There’s a new spicy guy on the scene.  Enter No Chill Hot Sauce – your ultimate food partner, here to add some oomph to your mealtimes.

Born out of a search for the perfect spicy sauce, SUPERIMPOSE creative agency and their boundary-breaking creative platform, Services Unknown, launched their first venture into the condiment market and trust us, it really packs a punch.

No Chill Hot Sauce

We get it, you are either really, really into hot sauce or you’re not and there’s rarely an in-between stance to be taken. Admittedly, we are of the shelf-stacking, hot sauce-hoarding kind with a view that there’s always room for one more hot sauce in our condiment collection.

We also like to keep things simple here at The Idle Man, so we love it when the entire contents of an ingredients label can be listed on your fingers. Nine key ingredients, to be precise and all produced and bottled right here in the UK. Handpicking a capsule team made up of creatives and experts, No Chill is the end product of a community of co-workers who are passionate chilli lovers, involved in everything from cultivation, processing, packaging and branding. The ingredients are a carefully selected blend, spearheaded by homegrown Habanero Chillies, with no added allergens, no nonsense and vegetarian friendly.

No Chill offers just the right depth of a rich and savoury heat, balanced out with a sweet and sharp kick, but don’t take our word for it – try it. Priced at a wallet-friendly £5 it is the perfect Secret Santa gift or stocking filler this Christmas. Load up your avocado on toast, dash it in your Margarita, spice up your pasta and fire up your French fries. No Chill is here to help you withstand even the coldest of wintery days. 

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