Get Watersports Fit for 2015


Always fancied that salty “just been barrelled” look? Well there’s more to Watersports than surfing. At King of Watersports we have picked out our top Watersports that you just need to try!


The classic and most iconic watersport out there. Some say it’s all action others use the time to clear their mind and be at one with the waves. Whether is shredding or cruising you are going for surfing is an art, more than most other Watersports and its harder than you expect! We would recommend some lessons, with friends, and be prepared for lots of rolling about in the white water. Surfing is a way of life and takes dedication, its not for everyone but if you can catch that surfing bug prepare for it to take your free time to the next level.



As we said, there is more to life than surfing, and if you are more of a weekend warrior and adrenaline junkie then kitesurfing is the sport for you. It looks pretty powerful but the beauty of this sport is that it is all in the knowledge, to the untrained eye the simplest moves can make you look like the wild boardrider you want to be. Essentially, you need lessons – a 2 day course teaches you about the dangers and what you need to stay safe. Prepare for the biggest learning curve of your life, back rolls and kite loops in no time  - you can kite all over the coast, forget meditation the wind is powerful and not for the fainthearted.. or so we like people to think.



First things first – you don’t need a boat. There are wakeboarding cable parks up and down the country and you can ride for hours with friends at the lakes. This is a great place to get a good mix of professionals to beginners and learn some new tricks. If you don’t fancy launching yourself into the air, most parks have rails and sliders so you can get your grind on and press to perfection. Wakeboarding is addictive, you will be scheduling in post work cable sessions in the summer and camping at the park at the weekends, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The fastest growing sport with the most potential. Super high quality inflatable SUPs have hit the market so you can chuck one in the boot for a flat or windless day. Stand up paddle boarding can be done of small waves, cruising down rivers or flat water racing... whatever hits the spot. The bonus? Just Google “Stand Up Paddle Boarder” and you will understand. It’s an awesome work out for core, strength and stability work. The best way to get in shape without being locked in a gym!


Pick one, pick them all! "There’s No Life Without Water" – give us a shout if you need more advice.

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