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We speak to UK hip-hop artist Frenzy about all things music and style. He gives us the lowdown on the UK music scene, who's stylish, who to listen to and his OG favs. 

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If you don't know Frenzy already then it's time to get acquainted. The UK hip-hop artist has been making his rounds at the moment and he is definitely one to watch. We speak to the artist about all things music, fashion and what he has in store for us in the future.

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Your new song Drive Me Crazy, has made its rounds on the radio! What does that song mean to you?

Haha, yeah it managed to get A-listed on Reprezent radio which was a blessing really, shout out to everyone over at Reprezent Radio for constantly supporting myself and every other upcoming artist. Drive Me Crazy is my attempt at self-rehab to all my persisting troubles in regards to all my relationships with close friends and family.

Can you describe your style to us?

Frenzy outfit grid
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Northface Black label fine white hoodie, Carthartt WIP regular cargo pant black, and old school Vans trainers in navy!

That’s based purely on your Idle Man webstore. I really actually liked The Idle Man Camo worker jacket. Just to put it out there Reebok is my preferred trainer just down to the comfort!

You’re part of the collective I Dream Big, can you describe what your movement is?

Our movement is organic, built off 10-year relationships. We were the middlemen that avoided the gang/drug culture and developed skills and passions that were complimentary to each other. We removed creative barriers and made it comfortable for everyone to be themselves. So yeah, IDB.

How did you first get into music?

Like a lot of young people in London, it was simply playground antics or the changing room before physical education, everyone from the top maths student, the sweet boy, the bad boy we would all have 8 bars ready to go over a 5 minute instrumental from our Nokia 6230, the objective was a wheel up, and I owe it to my secondary school Hackney Free for the initial inspiration.

Who are your UK Grime favourites?

  1. The Movement (Ghetts, Wretch, Mercston, Devlin, Scorcher)
  2. Skepta
  3. Icekid
  4. Kano
  5. Chip

Who are your UK Hip-Hop favourites?

  1. Giggs
  2. Gfrsh
  3. Little Simz
  4. Potter Payper

How do you feel about the rise of Grime in the public eye?

The rise of grime seems to be a major topic in the UK however, it's amazing to see the music that was on my 128mb mp3 player be played on radio, television and the big festivals. Very dope to have a light shined on our culture.

Who are your grime OG’s and artists that inspire you?

I’m inspired by grime but one of the bigger influences on me with great emphasis placed on musicality is an artist who creates their own sound. So it would have to be James Blake, Sampha, Kano.

What 3 songs are you vibing to at the moment?

  1. Travis Scott – Pick up the phone
  2. Suspect – FBG
  3. Jackum – INBOX 2

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Have you got any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I made a EP called P£R$ONALIT¥ July 2015 and it’s been sitting on my laptop ever since, I wanted to develop and let everyone know more about me before letting this project out, hence the work I’ve done over the last 14 months.

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Frenzy’s Top 5 UK MC’s who have Style?

My top five artists who have infectious style in the UK are:

  1. Gfrsh
  2. Skepta
  3. Rejjie Snow
  4. JME
  5. Giggs


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