Best Places for Food and Drink in London - No 32 Old Town, Clapham

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The Idle Man's Editor headed down to No. 32 Old Town on Clapham Common to see what all the hype's about. He wasn't disappointed. 

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There's very few places in London that can offer atmosphere, character, great drinks and a scenic roof terrace all at a price your average twenty something can enjoy, but No 32 Old Town ticks all those boxes. From the moment you arrive, walking past the heated outside seating and through an old Victorian door, you're met with wall to wall character.

upstairs The Old Town No 32

You're met by a circular bar in the middle serving up the best in local ales, lagers and a truly daunting amount of cocktails to choose from. Once you've chosen your tipple of choice, you can either take a seat in their spacious down stairs area (probably best in the winter months) or, if you're after more of summer-appropriate setting, you need to check out their upstairs area, complete with a common-facing roof terrace.

roof terrace no 32 the old town

Of course we're not all built with thick skin so, if the summer breeze is a little too much for you once you've chosen your spot, they offer some seriously cosey blankets to keep you warm before your beer blanket sets in. The attention to detail is evident everywhere you look. As a local and independent restaurant and bar, they clearly know the area as they created a slick, stylish yet totally inviting venue perfect for a few drinks with your mates or a full meal with your better half. And it's the food that should be your main draw here.

downstairs no 32 the old town

The open kitchen serves up everything you could need. From full hearty meals including Sunday roasts and that full English breakfast we all need after a heavy one to a tantilising array of tapas style dishes for those of you that can't stick to one meal. We went for the latter. Honey glazed sausages, fried squid, grilled chicken, three different types of Crotini and sticky beef tacos were our choices, and we'd barely even scratched the surface of what the menu had to offer.

no 32 old town food
PHOTO CREDIT: No 32 Old Town | Tapas & Full English

You're waited on by trained and professional staff who are eager to see your drinks filled, stomachs bulging and faces grinning. It goes without saying that we'll be heading back there later in summer. And with a late license of 1am closing, you can even see the night through with a choice selection of DJs setting the mood throughout. If you're after that city slicker setting, No 32 The Old Town is where you need to be. See you there.


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