Flipping Good: Pancake Day

Flipping Good: Pancake Day

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On the 25th February the nation whips out their frying pans and indulges in pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Everyone knows how to make pancakes with the quick and easy flour, eggs and milk recipe but the real question is; what's your choice of topping? 

Delivery food service kings, UberEats, took note of the nation's pancake orders to uncover what our favourite toppings are by region...As it turns out we are all tempted with a little something sweet.

Photo credit: Delicious Magazine

According to the research, the top five toppings are:

1. Strawberries and cream
2. Banana
3. Nutella
4. Belgian Chocolate
5. Oreo

Other popular sweet options included Ferrero Rocher - a popular choice in Oxford and Sheffield, whilst white chocolate was a favourite in Leicester.

Photo credit: Pinterest

While a whopping two-third of us prefer sweet  toppings, quite understandably, not everyone has such a sweet tooth. So we've rounded up our favourite savoury toppings that might be more to your liking.

A twist on the classic eggs Benedict, layer up three American-style pancakes and top with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce.

Photo credit: BBC Good Food

If you're feeling hardcore then why not go for a full English breakfast? Pair your pancakes with a fried egg, bacon, sausage and tomatoes and go the whole hog! It is pancake day after all. 

In the mood for something lighter and fresher? Give smoked salmon a whirl. Mix crème fraîche with finely chopped shallot and dill and a squeeze of lemon for a dressing with extra punch.

Photo credit: Olive Magazine

However you chose to top your pancakes, The Idle Man hopes you have a flippin’ lovely Shrove Tuesday!

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