Know How to Cook for Your Date with The Hello Fresh Flavour Generator


Various apps and websites allow us to look at anybody across the world, spark up a conversation and, who knows, go for a drink. With the digital age progressing every day it’s nice to know that you can go on a classic romantic date.

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A great date idea is cooking dinner, a task that many of us would normally scoff at when we know full well that the microwave does most of the work during the week. However, a home cooked meal, for me anyway, is always the best way to go.

HelloFresh have made your life even easier with the Flavour Generator, it calculates what you can make for dinner with two simple questions; what cuisine do you like and what flavours are you after. Simple, right?

So, we thought we’d do a little asking around the office to see who would pick what and the results were quite interesting. Alex, our CMO decided to go for Mexican food and herby, generating the two ingredients of chilli and coriander. The dishes that HelloFresh suggested were a one-pot veggie chilli with quinoa and Mexican spiced chilli tostadas with guacamole and cheese.

Then we asked Oliver, our CEO, and he decided to go for Italian and tangy. This generated the ingredients basil and lemon, very Italian indeed. His meal choices were Mediterranean style gnocchi with basil baked cod and homemade rocket pesto orzotto with charred courgettes and tomato salad; if these don’t scream Italy then I don’t know what does.

Up next was Tom, the Editor, he decided to go for Middle-Eastern and spicy. This generated the ingredients zahtar, something completely new to him and ground coriander. With this, he can create zahtar spiced halloumi with grilled aubergine orzotto or zahtar salmon with fragrant rice and spinach; both of which are sure winners no matter the company.

And last, but not least, we asked Rob, one of our buyers here at The Idle Man. He decided to stick to something from our fair shores, British food and he wanted something tangy. This gave him the ingredients of rosemary and soy sauce, bit of an odd one, I know, but what it generated was well worth it. Balsamic steak with red cabbage and potato wedges, what could be better than that?

Of course, once you’ve decided on what you’re going to cook, you have to decide on what you’re going to wear. Now, if it’s a first date then you really want to impress, so always wear a shirt (make sure it’s ironed and clean) and either a pair of trousers and chinos. If you want to impress, opt for a pair of loafers as these still give that hint of casualness, but are still smart enough for a date.


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