Five Independent Magazines You Need To Know About

Five Independent Magazines You Need To Know About

Created to fulfil the desires of niche audiences, independent magazines are thriving, pulling onto the interests of their readers. Whilst it seems like the print world is crumbling, independent magazines are on the rise with statistics showing they are growing in popularity by 76%.

No matter what your interest or hobby is, the likelihood is that there will be an independent magazine out there with many other readers all sharing your interest. Published in many different styles, they are full of interesting articles, stories and great design. Whilst some are predominantly image based, of course, it just depends on the topic of the magazine you're looking for. Here are five independent magazines which you will love.


Water is a bi-annual journal which explores the beauty and complexity of all things water. Each of their issues is dedicated to exploring the experiences and cultural significances of water. The editors believe in sharing honest stories from personal matters to global issues. More for the individual who loves photography, Water at a glance is a contemporary magazine filled with professional photography, experimenting with water to follow the theme running throughout the magazine.

Photo credit: Water Journal


Centred around lifestyle, travel and art, Cereal is another bi-annual magazine. Their engaging magazine has a Scandinavian feel to its design, creating a simplistic and minimalist layout. What's interesting about Cereal is that they dedicate each issue to a different place each time, they purely focus on engaging interviews, stories and unique art and design from the place of interest in the article. Elegantly written, Cereal balances its journalism with photography to create an engaging independent magazine, a great choice for those wanting to read something a little broader.

Photo credit: Cereal

Hole & Corner

Launched in May 2013, Hole & Corner promotes creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity. The magazine gets its name from the English meaning of, Hole-and-Corner 'a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream'. With people who chose that work is their life at the heart of the independent magazine, it revels in stories of dedication. Published quarterly throughout the year, Hole & Corner began as a gap in the market, "we felt there was a growing movement for well-crafted products and a holistic lifestyle, but there was nothing out there reflecting the scene in the way we do", Sam Walton of Hole & Corner expressed.

Photo credit: Hole & Corner


Varon independent magazine is a bi-annual men's fashion magazine with a focus on visual storytelling. Fueled by its investigation that clothing is the source of a man's identity, Varon has a unique composition throughout its images. Built up through a gallery of peculiar imagery, they explore modernism with an unbiased and contextual approach. With a sophisticated point of view, each issue contains talented, charismatic and stylish men that have something to say to the world.


Photo credit: Varon

The Quiet Leaf

For those skateboarders, photographers, arts and culture people out there, The Quiet Leaf is a bi-annual independent magazine for you. Based in South Korea the magazine deals with the creative and underestimated elements of the skateboarding culture. Aesthetically pleasing, it portrays the works of low-key professionals overlooked by creative players from other parts of the world, "call it a humble reminder of what made us step on that piece of wood many years ago", editor Jin Yob Kim explained.

Photo credit: The Quiet Leaf

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