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The Prototypes have had by far one of the most successful (and busiest) 2015s in the electronic music scene. Since releasing their eagerly anticipated debut album, City of Gold, the pair have enjoyed a sell out album launch party at Brixton's Electric, multiple plays on the national radio stations for each of their singles and a top 40 placing for the LP - a rarity for an underground drum & bass album. Since then they've been playing more or less back to back shows touring the globe and even have a few debut appearances lined up for the very near future.

As huge fans of their work, Idle HQ was very keen to have the lads come in and be the first installment in a series of features we're running with musicians. Continuing our lookbook's #StyleMadeEasy ethos, showing you don't need to be a professional model or have a full team of stylists to look good. You just need to know what looks fit your shape and style and then keep things simple. So, we got The Prototypes up to Shoreditch from Brighton, took a quick trip to Jack The Clipper to get the guys' barnet and beards looking fresh and then took a trip round Shoreditch and spoke music, style and their upcoming projects.

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How has was 2015? Your album hit the top 40, that must've been a big highlight...

Yeah, I mean it did feel like this was going to be a big year for us because the album and the early response was good but it definitely exceeded all expectations by a long way. We've been touring since around March time, including twice in America which was really cool and the reception to the album has been so much better than we ever imagined it would be. So all positive!

Any big plans for the rest of the year? Where can we catch you playing next?

Well we're playing Argentina this weekend which is our first appearance in South America, really excited about that and it's cool knowing we've got the fan base that far away. We've also got a series of shows called Odyssey, it's kind of like a history of drum & bass and all the music that's influenced us over the years from when were raving to being producers now. We've also got a few more dates in the UK and Europe which are more album shows which is nuts. Our last show in Brighton was at Coalition which is our own night, we've seen that develop and grow in a really big way which has been great to see.


We hear you've got a new studio in Brighton now. Can we expect another LP?

Haha yeah I guess so! We're working on a couple of remixes at the moment as well but another album is defintely in the pipeline.

Any lessons learned from this album?

It's been pretty eye opening actually. When we made the album, in the current climate of drum & bass we did a lot of vocal tracks, which was nothing new for us, but we've found reactions to the more underground and bass-driven tunes have been much bigger so I think the new album will sound a lot different.


So we're here for the photo shoot with you guys, what are you feeling the most out of what we've got you wearing?

My favourite has to be the Edwin Baseball Jacket, Ive got a pretty serious obsession with jackets, my girlfriend can't stnad the amount I have - the collections probaly around the 20 mark at the moment! I think what we really liked is that most of the stuff we're wearing, particularly Chris, isn't necessarily stuff we would've chose ourself but once you see the whole outfit put together it all works really well. Chris is loving the Majestic Raiders stuff and the Publish Joggers.

What one thing in your wardrobe can you not live without?

It's funny actually we were talking about this earlier. Mine would have to be jackets, like I said, I'm totally addicted to collecting them, it's getting a bit out of hand!


Three tracks everyone needs in their playlist at the moment?

Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit

Ekko & Sidetrack - AM PM

Dimension - Panzer (forthcoming MTA)


Nick 1

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