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JAW may not be a name you are totally familiar with but he may have a voice you more than recognise. He's one of the most powerful and talented vocalists in the House and Electronic music industry and has featured on some of the biggest tunes over the past few years. He's made a lot of good friends within the music scene and he has managed to get some of them together to bring a 24 track album to your ears.

Featuring the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Art Department, Brodinski and The / Das, 'Jaw & Friends: Midtown', is an LP that has fast become an Idle Man favourite. It's got a great story behind it too, something JAW has divulged in this interview, so get your dancing shoes on. JAW's bringing some real groove to your life.

So you have your ‘Midtown’ LP out now. How long has this been in the making? How did you come up with the idea?

It took me a bit more than 3 years to organize it. I was dreaming about this project for a long time, doing a new kind of mixtape, a piece of art, with all my artist friends. There are now more than 40 people on this project, from the producers, singers, graphics team, painters, photographers and music video makers. Midtown is an imaginary place in the middle of the world where we all meet once in a while.

You’ve worked with some amazing producers on the LP. How did you choose who you’d work with? Are there any particular highlights? Anyone that really stood out?

I met all these producers on the road, while I was touring with dOP, for more than 6 years all over the world. The project is the highlight, I love all these producers, and they made my dream come true. I'm so thankful for that. They all put so much work into it.

What’s the idea behind the LP? Is there a story behind your lyrics?

Every track is a different story, a different message , a different emotion. That's why it's a mixtape, an all season compilation more than an album.

Did you work very differently from artist to artist? How many did you get into the studio with?

Yes every artist has his way, most of the time I’ve been part of the creation of the beat, or asking particular things. For example with Cassius, I really wanted to do the complete opposite of what we both do usually. I think I've been in the studio with more than half of them, the rest sent me some beats, and I recorded at home.

What’s the weirdest source of song inspiration you’ve ever had?

In Amsterdam, when I had been in the studio with William Kouam Djoko, we did 2 tracks. One is on the digital version of the LP, the other one that we didn’t used was about dirty feet and a foot fetish. It was kinda weird.

If you had to choose someone – past or present – who would be your style icon? Who’s the epitome of cool to you?

Andre 3000. I would love to find myself a nice style to go on stage, change every time, have the patience, but for the moment I stick to my jeans, white T Shirt and sneakers… Pretty boring.

What fashion trends can you not understand? What’s the worst you’ve seen when playing in the club/festival? Any trends you’d like to set yourself?

I'm not into fashion enough to hate something, or give a nice example but I can show you a picture…

Question 7 Answer

What does the next 6 months hold for you? Any projects you’d particularly like to try?

With dOP we created a new project call 'Les fils du calvaire' which is more disco, where I sing only in French. The second single will come out soon, and the album is almost done. Plus we are working on a new dOP album, we take our time.

What tune gets you up in the morning?

Steve Smyth : Manuscripts.

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