Exclusive Interview With Blissfields Headliners The Correspondents


With the line up for Blissfields now confirmed and looking as tantalising as we all expected, we thought it would be a great time to talk to one of their headliners. Known for their imaginative live shows, tight production and eccentric persona, they're a unique duo that bring a fresh and original energy to their take on dance music.

Having played all over the globe and attracted an almost cult following, it seemed fitting to sees what tour life was like for two huge characters. So, let's see what tour life is like for the brains behind The Correspondents.

What can’t you be without when you’re on tour?

Throat Coat tea! We bring a massive bag of stuff.

How do you pass the time on the long plane/ coach trips?

Mostly reading, head lolling and feeling sorry for ourselves, like everyone else!

Best music to travel to?

Umm, all of it?!  We tend to do most of our listening in the car so we play each other our latest discoveries. But really we just leave it on Radio 4.

Best in flight snack? 

That thing you've forgotten you bought after dropping 10 pounds at Pret. Hmm, probably the vegetable crisps?

Most unusual/ worst/ best accommodation?

Service Station hotels have gotta be up there with the most depressing. Something about waking up and going into a services for breakfast that really puts everything in perspective. Although we've stayed in some pretty great hotels, main problem is that we don't get into them until very late at night and have to leave first thing!

Any touring nightmares?

Nothing too specific, although we've had a forgotten passport.  Every now and then you'll have a weekend of about 8 flights, 4 trains and 6 hours sleep.  Those can be tough.

Favourite thing about touring?

Getting to see the world!

You're headlining the Thursday of Blissfields, what can we expect from your stage performance?

Lots of energy, dancing, multi genre madness. Hopefully some new tracks in the mix, can't wait

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