Douce Up Your Life

Douce Up Your Life

There was a time when getting a haircut meant trekking down to your local barber...waiting half an hour, getting a haircut you didn't like, saying you like it, before mooching home and getting your mum to give you a buzz cut.

Well, it's 2019. And those days are over. Men are more in touch with their hair than ever before. We now use conditioner (!) and thanks to the rise of Instagram, we are inundated with different hairstyles to choose from. Most barbers have now upped their game by offering a beer with your cut, but still, offer the same rushed and haphazard haircut.

Enter Douce. Douce was founded by Phil Benton bourne out of a vision of the perfect salon he gained from working at salons across Cambridge, London and New York. So what's the concept? Douce is a mobile salon that's based in renovated 1960s airstreams that tours across the UK but with two permanent sites in London and Cambridge. 

The luxury airstreams have luxury cuts to match. Stylists come from prestigious salons like Vidal Sasoon, Toni & Guy and Murdock London. The Idle Man went down for a trim and had a cut by Phil.

The airstream lends itself to a relaxed atmosphere, and you didn't have to wait inside for a cut. Phil sat me down and gave me a consultation before giving the full wash and cut treatment. I ended up with exactly what I wanted - my hair grows outwards and is very thick, so Phil added layers into it and cut out the weight on the back. Phil took his time which is exactly what you want when you're inside such a cool setting as the airstream.

One of the things I always look for in a good barber is somebody who is receptive to my mood and knows when I don't want to talk. There's nothing worse than having somebody pry whilst you're trapped in a barber chair. Luckily, all the stylists here 'get it' - they're all young and interesting. One of their philosophies is that by having a mobile salon they're not tied to weekends inside - they can up shop and drive down to Newquay to surf for the weekend, or go a festival and continue to trade.

In fact - festival trade is one of their fastest-growing areas.  They can offer a full luxury pampering haircut treatment for your next comedown. It's something which sounds a bit odd, but actually when you think about it, you're so busy getting everything together to get to the festival that often you forget to get your haircut.

Prices start from £40 for a 45-minute treatment. 

You can check out here website and make a booking here and follow them on Instagram here

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