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Check out this exclusive interview with Oxford duo, Document One, as we take a look at their trainer collection ahead of their debut album.

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Document One have kicked off 2016 in a pretty monumental way, sitting pretty at numbers one and two on the Beatport drum & bass chart on February 1st and dropping a new LP for worldwide release 5th February, the momentum continues to build. As producers that first caught our attention producing the heavier dubstep flavours a few years back, we've always been impressed by their all-out approach to drum & bass and bass music so it's a real pleasure to have them featured on the Manual.

We've got our own wardrobe obsessions, I've got a self-confessed shirt addiction, but for most, it's all about the trainers. Document One are a part of that bracket, with a fascination for all things sneaker. To give them a break from the studio and music, we thought we'd take a glimpse inside their collection the day before their album drops.

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What's the most iconic pair of trainers to have been made in your opinion?

It has to be Nike Air Jordans. They have stood the test of time and every release from the brand, either an update or new style, is always exciting.

Most expensive pair you've ever owned?

I've got a few pairs of limited addition kicks that set me back a a bit...But they're an investment right?

What styles were you wearing when you were a teenager that you now regret?

No regrets, I always keep it classic. It's always been about Nike Air Max 1's for me, or a good pair of Vans, they go with everything - they're pretty much solely what I wear.

Dream pair of trainers that are a little out of your price range?

Wouldn't turn down a pair of Balmain Double Strap High Tops... Proper space aged and out there, but would be good for gigs!

How big's your collection? Favourite pair in your collection?

For a man my shoe collection is pretty sizeable... I have around 20 key styles, with a few colourway variations of some. My favourite have to be my Nike Air Max 1 GPX in Blue Floral, a gift from my sister and always grab attention.

What three things in your wardrobe can you not live without?

Limited addition Nike Air Max 1's, a decent coat and a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

One trend at the moment you can't understand?


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carhartt parka a question of jumper - herschel backpack - ray-ban sunglasses - vans trainers
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