Detlef's Festival Survival Guide

|Eastern Electric Festival|

One of the most exciting and up-and-coming house and techno artists on the circuit right now, Detlef has given us the low down on how to survive your summer festivals.  

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For the third year in a row, Eastern Electrics are hosting their highly anticipated festival at Hatfield House. Spreading their usual madness into the Hatfield grounds, the Eastern Electrics family will transform this woodland paradise into an ultimate hedonistic playground. Only 25 minutes by train from London, this all electric, all raving festival features nine incredible stages, giving prominence to a variety of different artists from house, grime, techno and other genres.

Detlef, one of the most talked about artists on the Ibiza house and techno circle, is throwing out some of his biggest and best tracks at Eastern Electrics festival this year. He's teamed up with us here at The Idle Man to give us his top eight tips on surviving this summer's biggest and best festivals.

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Eastern Electric Festival
Eastern Electric Festival - PHOTO CREDIT: thehypestvibes


1. What are the main festivals you're looking forward to this summer?

This summer I am really looking forward to both Sonar Festival and the UK's Eastern Electrics this year.

2. Whats your top tip for not burning out on the first day or in the first few hours?

Well, I don't think that party tips actually work for me! When the events have so many great acts playing in one day like festivals, I like just to get lost in the party and see as much as I can.

3. How do you choose who you see?

I have my favourite DJ's or bands that I’ll always try and catch whenever I’m at something they are playing at, but I try to also find new / different artists that just grab my attention with their music.


4. Biggest thing to avoid?

I would say, forget the word avoid and just have fun! Time to just get lost in the party.

5. What can you not be without at a festival?

Life saving plastic boots. Nothing beats that.

6. Worst thing about festivals? Any tips to avoid them?

The toilets and it seems that unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to avoid them!


7. Best thing about festivals?

I would definitely say the vibe of festivals, it’s something totally different to playing in a nightclub. When so many people gather together in one place for an event, just to celebrate music, then the vibe is unique.

8. One track that sums up the festival vibe?

Butch - Dope - this one is a classic.



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