Davide Squillace's Travel Essentials

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Internationally renowned tech house producer and DJ, Davide Squillace, sat down with us to talk about his travel essentials. See what the Italian native can't live without whilst he's on the road.

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David Squillace, the Italian techno and tech house titan, renowned for creating more grooves on the DC-10 than anyone else, sat down with us to talk about his travel essentials. After moving from his homeland of Naples to Barcelona, and having a residency at Circo Loco in Ibiza, it's safe to say that Davide knows a thing or two about what to pack for your busy life.

When you tour the world weekly, get on thousands of flights in your career and play to sold out shows almost every night, knowing what to pack becomes an art form. Thankfully, we've pulled in a bit of an expert to help us out so you know what you can and live without, or in Davide's case what he can and can't live without. Here are Davide Squillace's travel bag essentials for us at The Idle Man.

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davide squillace playing live
Davide Squillace's travel essentials will give you an idea of what to pack
PHOTO CREDIT: Drive In Barcelona

Where is the next destination you’re travelling to?

The next destination would be my tour around South America. I’ll be playing three shows in Argentina, two in Peru and two in Colombia before heading back home for three days.

How many flights do you think you’ve been on throughout your career?

Oh wow! Thousands!

The intriguing Buenos Aires

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Where is the nicest place you’ve travelled to?

Napoli, my hometown - I no longer live there.

Best hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

As a location, it would have to be in the Maldives. My favourite hotel would be Le Trois Rois, it means the Three Kings in French. It’s located in Basel and the building is 300/400 years old - it’s amazing!

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places Davide has travelled to

What's the worst thing about constantly moving?

Security checks!

Do you still get jet lag or has that stopped now?

I don’t think anybody ever really gets over jet lag. Your biological body clock has the constantly change so you never get used to it.

davide squillace sleeping on the beach
Constantly travelling that Davide sleeps in even the most obscure of places!
PHOTO CREDIT: Davide Squillace's Instagram

What do you do to stay healthy whilst travelling around the world?

Erm, nothing!

What are the essentials you can’t travel without?

My headphones, wireless phone charger so I can contact my family at any time and a box of various different medicines to combat any illnesses I might face.

davide squillace mathias tanzmann martin buttrich nicole moudaber all travelling
Travelling with friends makes life easier
PHOTO CREDIT: Davide Squillace's Instagram

Any tips on how to travel efficiently?

Always print your boarding pass and don’t fly with rubbish companies as they will fuck you up!

Finally, if you could change one thing about the process of travelling, what would it be?

When you visit a country and they don’t make you feel welcome and it happens at the security point when flying too. It’s a bit sad and annoying!

davide squillace flying over norway
Davide's favourite part about airports is security checks
PHOTO CREDIT: Davide Squillace's Instagram

So there you have it, Davide Squillace's travelling tips. If you want to avoid getting caught at the airport then follow Davide's tips. The man is on flights for almost half the year so we're sure he has some idea of what he's talking about! Make sure you look back at this article if you're in need of any help, we've got you covered.


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